FitBit Charge 6 Review – Is Google’s FitBit ready to track your fitness goals?

Fitbit is a pioneer in health tracking, and while they now have to compete with some fantastic products and services by the likes of Garmin, Whoop and Zoe, they are still in the running to be market leaders. The new Charge 6 was launched in September 2023, and is still Fitbit's most up-to-date model - but what we wanted to understand was whether Google's new launch is keeping pace.

We have been giving the Charge 6 a run around for a couple of weeks, so we have managed to get first-hand experience on the product, but we will also be looking at 3rd party customer reviews too.

In an ideal world, once you've read this article, you'll know whether the Fitbit is for you or not.

Price - is the Fitbit Charge 6 Worth it?

As of Spring 2024, the Charge 6 is currently priced on Amazon for £139 and comes in 3 colour choices; obsidian (black), coral (orange) and an off-porcelain (off white). It puts it in the same price bracket as the Garmin Forerunner - their entry level model.

In comparison, the WHOOP feels much more secure, has a much better sleek design, while covering all the main bases of health and well-being (heart-rate, sleep, GPS for activities and stress). Where it may fall short is the fact that Garmin is designed for running - so if you're a runner, the Garmin app and features are more suited to you.

However, for most people, the Charge 6 does everything and more than is needed for a health tracker and watch. You could pay over £200 for a Garmin of the same quality, or £400 for a Samsung watch to do the same job. In short, it is great value for the functionality you're getting.

Fitbit Charge 6 on write of a black woman


  • Time
  • Heart Rate Tracking & Basic Data
  • Notifications
  • Youtube Music
  • Google Maps
  • ECG tracking
  • EDA Scan
  • Timers and Stop watches
  • Alarm Clock function
  • Exercise tracking (multiple sports) with GPS
  • Pedometer
  • Sleep Tracking (Time sleeping, sleep cycles and oxygen saturation report)
  • Other features like reminding you to move if you've been stationary for too long - breathing rate reports and glucose reports (manually added).
Fitbit Charge 6 - with features on screen
Although the band looks a little worn, it is because I have just taken it on holiday and it's covered in suncream still!

Positives of the Charge 6

  • Easy to use
  • Very comfortable and looks great
  • Does what most health trackers do - but cheaper
  • Great starting point
  • Is ideal for most casual users

Other than looking great, being comfortable to wear and easy to use (all things that should be expected these days from a smart watch or health tracker) - there are some features that bring the Charge 6 out infront of other branded health trackers.

For a start, it is significantly more cost effective and value for money than other brands. For instance, WHOOP offer much more detailed data and analysis, but it costs £229 for the band, plus a monthly subscription. FitBit do not give personalised recommendations, but quite honestly, unless you're a serious athlete the data is not relevant. Google do have the option to upgrade the free version of the tracking app to include more data and better insights, but the free version is more than enough for most.

The data that the Charge 6 collects is ideal for casual use. If you're new to health trackers, then you're not going to be too interested in exercise zones (although there is a function that monitors these) or detailed skin temperature analysis. The charge 6 is a great place to start and can even be upgraded if you do require more detailed insights.

Finally, the Charge 6 is very good for anybody who needs a nice and simple watch that tracks their health and monitors their well-being. It gives little notifications to move if you are sat for long periods of time - like at work. It is a nice handy little reminder to do some steps and get the blood moving around your body.

Negatives For Charge 6

  • The shipping experience wasn't the best
  • The tracker finds it difficult attach to devices (in our experience and online reviews)

There aren't many negatives about the actual product that we can find - mostly the negatives are issues that plague health trackers generally, and Google themselves.

Firstly, the shipping experience was less than brilliant. We purchased on the FitBit website and after a few days wondered why a shipping email hadn't landed with us - it was at this point that we realised that the Charge 6 was on back order. Ooops - our fault. But, honestly, it could have been much clearer on the FitBit website.

It did, however, say that the Charge 6 would be shipped in January (this being about the 10th) and when we spoke to the customer service, they were less than helpful. It took 3 weeks for the product to be shipped, and just appeared one day. For being such a huge company, it is a bit galling but they didn't charge us for the watch until it arrived.

Finally, we noticed that many reviews for the Charge 6 mentioned that the device sturggles to connect to mobile devices. This hasn't been a specifically big issue for us but we have noticed that the watch takes time to sync with the app and cannot find the device regularly. We did not use the watch for notifications (who wants to know when they have a text at 4am?), but if we did, it would be very annoying to constantly miss the notifications.

This is not unusual with health trackers though - and we have had similar issues with the WHOOP and Garmin in the past. Although the FitBit's issues seem to be much worse.


Final Thoughts - Would we reccommed the FitBit Charge 6?

Overall, we were very impressed by the Charge 6 - mainly down to it's functionality and quality for it's price point. It is certainly better looking and feels more quality than the entry level Garmin watches (which are priced significantly higher than the charge 6) and tracks enough data for casual users.

We'd reccommend that if you're looking for a tracker as a runner or to track your performnce, then we'd suggest investing in either the WHOOP (better data and analysis) or the Garmin (more features for running and hiking).

Otherwise, the Charge 6 is a health tracker we would reccommend.

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