Best Fire Pits & Chimineas for your Garden – Post Pandemic Thoughts

For those lucky people who had a garden during the COIVD pandemic, it was no surprise that fire pits and chimineas became all the rage. They are entertainment, warmth and an excuse to be outside all at once - and they are extra special once the restrictions have been lifted and you can invite all of your friends around.

Now that this must-have item has become a trend, you're likely to see fire pits and chimineas being sold all over the internet. The issue now is that those unscrupulous internet friends are at it again, and have made the market very hit and miss. Hands up - I had a fire pit that melted right onto our patio. Thankfully it was refunded in return for turning a blind eye to the review section.

So, we have put together a list of outdoor fire pits and chimineas that will not ruin your lazy Sunday evening or midweek gathering. All of our selections are either concrete, cast iron or tried and tested by a member of our team.


Fire Pit Tips and Safety

Just before we get into the best fire pits we know of, it is worth pointing out that 'playing with fire' is generally a bad idea. If you're considering purchasing a fire pit for your garden, then you should really consider a few safety tips.

  • If you have children or animals - keep them well away from the fire. Never underestimate how easy it is for a hand or paw to get badly burned.
  • Make sure you purchase a product with a firm foundation (like legs) and a solid base. Poor quality could put you, your home and your property at risk.
  • Although this sounds like common sense, do not light your fire inside your house, a tent or other covered area.
  • Keep your fire pit or chiminea away from wooden structures such as your shed or outhouse. It may also be a great idea to keep it away from your washing line. The last thing you want is your pants to be on fire.
  • Do not over-fill your fire pit or chiminea - especially if it is ceramic or clay. The chances of a clay fire pit cracking is very, very high.
  • Keep safety equipment to hand like a fire extinguisher, blanket or bucket of sand. Just in case the worst does happen.
  • Do not pour petrol on your pit, do not eat the coals, do not push your friends into the firepit. All of the things people do on tick toc.


Our List of the Best Fire Pits & Chimineas for your Garden

Gardebruk Fire Pit

The Gardebruk garden fire pit is robust, stylish and easy to clean. It is the perfect fire pit that will not burn a huge hole in your pocket.

The fire pit has real mosaic stones around the fire basket which is a really nice touch. The depth of the pit is perfect for airflow and can keep a warm fire ready for hours.

You get one here from

Gardebruk Fire Pit

Metal Garden Chiminea by Landmann

The most reported frustration of people who buy a chiminea for their garden is getting it in the post and realising it is too small and very poor quality. When buying a chiminea you need to make sure the product has longevity.

The quality and the finish of the Landmann Garden Chiminea is far beyond many of the others on the market and can fit into pretty much any kind of garden. Whether your garden is super stylish or as rough as it comes, this is the fire pit you need.

You can pick one up here

Landmann Chiminea

Halali Kadai Bowl & Surround

The Halali Kadai Bowl is one of the most subjectively beautiful fire pits we have seen. It is crafted using reclaimed scrap iron and has a nice rustic finish.

Although the pit is extremely expensive, you know for sure that it will stand the test of time, and with the right care could be passed down for generations to come.

It is the fire pit we all aspire to own.

More info here

Halali Kadai Bowl & Surround

Traditional Bronze Steel Chimenea by Dunelm

A metal Chiminea isn't ideal for everybody but at least you know it will last. The worst thing about clay Chimnies is that they are susceptible to cracking - which is a disaster.

This steel Chimenea from Dunelm is fairly affordable, of great quality and will last for as long as you need it. It comes with a little lid, and has a nice finished grill so you don't need to huddle at the front.

Here for more info


The Ivyline by Amara

When you're looking for a fire pit for your garden, you don't want to risk buying anything cheap. So sometimes the designer names are where to look. Especially if you spend a lot of time, effort and money on your garden. It is there to enjoy.

If you're one of those people, then the Amara Ivyline may be for you. It is somewhat style over substance, but you can't go wrong here. It is of decent quality and a nice fixture for a nice garden.

More info


Latimer Wood Burning Fire Pit

Now we're talking. The Latimer Wood Fire Pit is perfect if you need something simple, easy to use, robust and stable, with a little bit of style. The square design makes this outdoor fire pit extremely hard to tip over.

It is made from steel and has a nice, thick robust feel to it. Pile this baby high and burn what you'd like all night long.

Get it here


Rocket Garden Chiminea

Available on Amazon prime, the Rocket-shaped garden chiminea is a great choice if you want a quick, and easy solution for your summer garden evenings.

The biggest problem faced by chimineas is the lack of airflow for the fire to grow which results in a short-lived fire. This fire has a mesh covering to keep your fingers out yet keep the air flowing.

It can be delivered next day with Amazon


Not on the High Street Industrial Fire

Not on the high street has done it again. This is a fantastic, simple little urn that can support a huge roaring fire, and a crowd.

It is small, mighty and comes with zero fuss. It is one of our favourites of the range, and the one we'd most like to buy ourselves.

Get one here


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