Edinburgh Gin – Our Full Gin & Tour Review

Edinburgh Gin is the most well-known gin distillery, and brand, in Edinburgh – and, well, probably Scotland.

They are at the forefront of the booming ‘Scottish Gin’ industry which took off in the late-2000s. Scotland has gained a reputation for some of the smoothest, most flavourful and elegant gins in the world. Much of that reputation is thanks to the Edinburgh Gin Distillery.

So, seeing as though we are within an hour of the city, we booked ourselves a tour and sampled a great deal of gin to bring you an Edinburgh Gin review.

Who are ‘Edinburgh Gin’?

Edinburgh Gin has done very, very well for itself. The brand was established in Edinburgh in 2010, right in the heart of the city.

The city itself is famous for being a ‘city of contrasts’ and one of ‘moving shadow’ which makes the city look everchanging in its beauty – no matter what time of year. The company have used this inspiration to create a gin brand of contrasts, and harmony that ‘blends historical traditions and contemporary creativity’.

Over the past 12, or so, years, Edinburgh Gin has established itself as the leading Scottish gin distillery with one of the largest (and most interesting) selections of gins, alongside being a ‘must do’ tourist attraction.


Gin Review

Before we review the Edinburgh Gin tour, we wanted to talk a little bit about the gin that the brand produces (and which can be purchased online). It has been quite hard to narrow down a good gin to include because there are so many. It may be easier to start our experience chronologically.


Edinburgh Gin Liqueurs

The first ‘Edinburgh Gin product we sampled was a range of flavoured liqueurs; a firm favourite is the Rhubarb and Ginger. In those days, this type of gin was relatively new and it really put the spotlight on the brand. The range of 4 flavours had pride of place on supermarket shelves, and after a while, it was extremely hard to find them in stock. They are a huge hit for Christmas.

From a little bit of research, the flavours are 100% natural too. Which is very impressive.


The ‘Classic Gin’

The ‘classic’ gin from Edinburgh Gin is unmistakably a “London Dry” with a twist. It is undoubtedly one of the best classic gins that you’ll ever try.

The spirit has been produced using 14 botanicals and high-quality grains. The biggest notes come from a bouquet of aromatic citrus; lemongrass, lime, orange peel and a floral layer of lavender. Black mulberries give the gin a hint of super sweet jamminess and it is brought together by the classic, dry pine and spiced juniper kick.

Other than being super smooth, award-winning and at a reasonable price (£20 on Amazon) this gin is a perfect entry point into the almost endless choice of superb gins from the company.

Edinburgh Gin Awards


Old Tom – Tonka, Sarsaparilla and Macadamia Nut

As a final inclusion, we’re going to be reviewing a rather special gin produced by the guys at Edinburgh Gin. I was given an ‘Old Tom’ gin from a family member for Christmas that was a special, limited edition batch.

I have to be very honest here and say that it was not the best gin I had tried from the company, but it was well above average. The flavours were deep, nutty and savoury. The quality of the gin was there, but unfortunately, just not to my tastes.

Edinburgh Gin Logo on Bottle Edinburgh Gin - Old Tom


Edinburgh Gin Tour Review

The Edinburgh Gin distillery also is a well-known tourist location, and a very highly regarded Gin tour in Edinburgh.

The distillery is based on the corner junction between Shandwicks Place, Princes Street, and Lothian Road. If you are standing on the corner looking around and still do not see it, don’t worry, you’re literally right on top of it. The tours can be found just next to the Huxley and down the stairs.


The gin tours in Edinburgh are very highly rated online and are a common suggestion for anybody who is visiting the city. Not only are the staff extremely knowledgable, passionate and friendly, but they also have to have (potentially) the biggest selection of gins in the country to hand.

It is possible to book a tasting experience for £25 – this will include a tour of the facility, including the history of Gin in the UK, and the unique process of Edinburgh gin. The tour is approximately an hour and includes a few samples – it is possible to get a 10% off any purchases too.

The more expensive, but more interesting experience, is the ‘Gin Making’ masterclass. With the guidance of ‘gin experts,’ you are able to craft your very own London Dry gin, using your own bespoke selection of botanicals. While the gin is distilling, you can enjoy a tour and sample some of the ‘off-the-shelf’ Edinburgh gin products.

This is the experience we’d recommend highly!



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