Eco-friendly gift guide for Christmas – give kindness to them and to the planet

Christmas is a time for buying and giving presents, but consequently, it also tends to be a time of huge waste. Many gifts don't last very long, and the packaging that they're often presented in can be hard to properly recycle. We wanted to highlight a number of great gift ideas for this Christmas which won't just delight, they also won't hurt the Earth. Let's get into it:

Eco-Sal - best for a variety of eco-friendly gifts

Finding products which are truly eco-friendly can be surprisingly difficult even in 2021, which is why it's so great to have an option like Eco-Sal. Their website makes it super easy to search a variety of products that have all been made without plastic and in an eco-friendly way. The range includes favourites such as soaps and candles, but you can also find more interesting products such as Children's Books and hair-care products.

We love how the various options have been curated and think it's a great place to start if you're looking for eco-friendly gifts. Take a look for yourself here -


Cacao Pow Deo Bar - best for nonpolluting pit protection

Walk into any supermarket at this time of year and you'll find countless deodorant boxsets, all packed with aerosol spray cans. These might smell alright, but they're terrible for the plant and notoriously difficult to recycle. The Cacao Pow Deo Bar is a natural deodorant bar in a jar and the first of its kind. It's made from organic cacao butter and mixed with a sodium bicarbonate formula without any aluminium, the ingredient included in most deodorants that can cause irritation.

We love this idea and think it's sure to delight people at Christmas, explore the options here -



Projekt Glitter - best for sustainable sparkling Christmas fun

Just about any occasion can be improved with the addition of glitter, and Christmas is no exception. One issue is that glitter can often be really poorly made and really bad for the environment - this is what makes Projekt Glitter such a great choice. Most glitter is made from plastic, but Projekt Glitter use Modified Regenerated Cellulose, which is biodegradable and biodegrades in heat, water, oxygen & micro-organisms. This not only makes their glitter safe for the environment, but it also means it's totally safe for your skin and can be used all over your body without worry.

Explore their full range of glitter (including kits), plus check out their new Zodiac Glitter collection (12 biodegradable blends based on the 12 signs of the zodiac) here -


Zero-Living - best for a Planet Kind Christmas Gift Set

If you're looking for a gift set that includes a mix of eco-friendly products from planet-conscious brands, then you absolutely need to explore the Zero-Living website. The team has curated a selection of excellent products from brands that put the planet first and put a focus on smaller brands that are women-led. The gift sets mostly include products related to wellness, such as candles, bath salts, and room sprays. Plus, their packaging and shipping is planet-friendly. In short, they're an excellent choice!

Explore all of the Zero-Living gift sets here -


Kalabash - best for clean Caribbean inspired gifts

Gift sets are a great idea at Christmas, and we absolutely love the options from Kalabash. Everything they sell - from soap to candles - is handmade and inspired by the Caribbean. Plus, it's all made sustainably and with the planet in mind. For example, their soap is palm-free and handcrafted using the Cold Process soapmaking method. No chemical rubbish in any of these products!

You can explore the full range of gift sets from Kalabash here -




Arc Lore - best for stylish sustainability

If it's stylish sustainability you're looking for, you won't do better than the Sustainable Christmas Gift Set from Arc Lore. Each bundle includes an organic handwoven hammam hand towel, a hand carved olive wood soap dish, and a handmade lemon & bergamot soap bar from Soap Folk.

It's a gorgeous little set and you can also choose from 3 different towel colours. All of this will cost you less than £30, take a look at it here -


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