Driclor review – our experience with this effective but strong antiperspirant


Published by Finn Hayden

As a heavy perspirator (also known as a very sweaty person), I know the pain of not having an effective antiperspirant all too well. I barely have to take a few steps out of the house before the sweat patches start appearing on my clothes, even in colder weather. This leads me to walk around like a penguin, with my arms closely tucked to my side, so as to keep those wet arm pits hidden.

I've tried countless antiperspirant deodorants, including natural deodorants, and most of them haven't worked at all. They smell nice, but don't actually stop me from sweating. For years I've had no luck with roll-ons or sprays.

This is what led me to try Driclor. I'd read online about this very powerful antiperspirant roll-on which actually does stop you sweating. Because it was only about £5 from Amazon, I decided to buy it and give it a shot. In this review of Driclor, I'll be telling you about my experience with the product - both good and bad. Let's get into it:

Quick summary - there is no denying that Driclor works to stop sweat, but the stinging sensation it can cause might mean that for many people, it's not worth using. I'll definitely continue to use it though.

Now let's get into the full review:

How does Driclor work?

Like many antiperspirants, Driclor contains aluminium chloride. When you apply Driclor to your skin, the aluminium chloride blocks the sweat glands, which reduces the amount of sweat that they produce.


The main difference between Driclor and other antiperspirants which contain aluminium chloride is that Driclor simply has a higher concentration of the compound. Driclor contains 20% aluminium chloride, which is a lot higher than what you'll find in most antiperspirants that you buy from the shop (which will typically contain well under 10% aluminium chloride, if any at all).

My experience with Driclor

I used Driclor for several months, and that's one thing I'll say about this product. A little goes a long way, and even though you only get a small 20ml container, it can last you a long time as you only need to apply it once or twice per week. Let's get into the positives and negatives of Driclor based on my experience with it:

The good

I'll start with the main positive of Driclor, which is that it absolutely helped me to stop sweating, and pretty immediately too. Within a couple of days, I noticed that I wasn't sweating as much as I usually would when I'm out and about, and after about the 4th day I wasn't sweating at all from my armpits, which was quite surreal. I'd only applied the Driclor for 3 days in a row before noticing this. I can say for sure that this is the most effective antiperspirant I've ever used, by a long shot.


The bad

The main issue I experienced with Driclor is that it made my armpit skin very sensitive - yes, the sweat stopped, but I would often get quite itchy under there (which, when you're out in public, isn't a great look), plus for some reason, it would seem to be especially itchy at night, often keeping me up for a bit longer than I'd like.

But the real downside of Driclor, which I actually found a bit scary, is how much it would sting when my armpits came into contact with water. This wasn't such an issue after I'd stopped using the product for a few days, but there was one day where I went for a shower in the evening and applied the Driclor about an hour afterwards, and ouch! It was a very intense stinging which was actually quite hard to stop, even when I tried to dry my armpits and wash the Driclor away. The reason for the stinging is that aluminium chloride can be highly reactive with water

Once the stinging had stopped, my armpit was left looking red and feeling quite irritated. It's worth mentioning that my armpit was fine after about 24 hours and about 4 days later, when I noticed my armpits becoming sweaty again, I did reapply Driclor, making sure that my armpits were completely dry before doing so!


Tips for using Driclor

My biggest tip would be to not apply Driclor directly after getting out of the shower or bath. It will sting a lot and it's actually quite hard to get the stinging to subdue.

Ideally, you should apply Driclor right before you go to bed. When I first started using Driclor I was applying it in the morning before I went out of the house, but the issue with this is that it could often get a bit itchy throughout the day. Doing it before bed means that if you do feel a bit itchy from it, you can simply get out of bed and dry wipe it



I'd say the price of Driclor is really impressive - I bought a 20ml container for about £6, and it lasted me for a couple of months. Considering you can pay more than £2 for a can of Sure antiperspirant which did absolutely nothing for me, I think the price is really impressive.

Final thoughts

So although I had a bit of a scary, stingy experience with Driclor, there is no denying that it really worked for me. As long as you use it carefully, I think Driclor can be a really effective product for people who sweat heavily.

Have you used Driclor? Let me know in the comments about your experience!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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