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Do you know what we all need? Laughter. More laughter the better at a time like this. The end of November and the start of December has got to be the most depressing time of the year. Other than February.

God, I hate February.

Anyway. To alleviate the inevitable gloom of the winter month I thought it would be fun to compile a bunch of the best December memes I could find (we also put together some funny Christmas jumpers and Christmas cards too). The kind that will hurt your ribs, scar your soul and lose you a few friends from the group chat.

Here goes: the best of December memes.

1. One to Scare your family

What about sharing this one before your Christmas dinner? You've got to admit, you took a second.

Yes, the date on this December meme is actually November, and 2019, but you get the point. Use those handy canva skills and get to memeing.


2. Lockdown Bonkdown.

Imagine explaining the dystopian misery we all experienced during the COVID-19 lockdown. Unless you had nothing else to do but make babies.

We all know somebody who made an exception for lockdown rules when their tinder was poppin'.


3. Piss off Santa

If you love Christmas... good for you. It must be wonderful with all the giddy anticipation and glee. Swooshing like a Magpie and chirping at shiny things.

Christmas is great fun unless you're a grumpy cat.

Whatever you do. If somebody is all green and grumpy, just let them hide. Otherwise, they will come and steal your Christmas (by punching your face).


4. Have Some Fun

If there is anything to take away from this blog post it is to not take December too seriously. It is quite literally the Friday of the year.

Go out, drink a little too much at your work night out and give the boss the bird, spill some red wine on the carpet and eat something on the toilet. Go on.


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