Cosi Home Heated Throw review – our honest thoughts on this popular electric blanket

Cosi Home heated throw

Published by Finn Hayden

With energy bills rising and people looking for cost-effective alternatives to putting the central heating on, certain products have exploded in popularity in recent years. We've published guides about the Oodie, Kuddly, and other great hooded blankets, a type of product that has seen a huge increase in popularity because of how it allows people to stay warm without needing to put the heating on.

If you want to go one step further then you could get yourself an electric blanket. One of the most popular electric blankets on Amazon at the moment is from the brand Cosi Home, called the Cosi Home Heated Throw. Amazon tells us that more than 5000 of these are being sold every month, and it's currently sitting with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 from more than 8000 reviews on the Amazon website.

We wanted to give our readers an in-depth review of this electric blanket, so we bought one and used it throughout the winter months. This isn't a sponsored review so you'll be getting our unfiltered, honest thoughts. Let's get into it:

What is the Cosi Home Heated Throw made from?

This throw is quite interesting because it has 2 different materials on either side of it - one side is faux fur, and on the other is a microfleece. Although both sides are very comfortable we found that the heat comes through more effectively through the microfleece side, so you'll want to keep that side closest to your body. It's definitely comfortable and doesn't feel cheap or anything like that, but it's not especially thick and although it's described as luxury, we wouldn't say it feels luxury.

Cosi Home heated throw

What settings does the Cosi Home Heated Throw have?

The controls are quite simple for the Cosi Home Heated Throw - you have a temperature control and a timer control, and that's everything. There are 9 different temperatures you can choose from, ranging from 1 to 9 in heat. Annoyingly, we don't know what the numbers represent in terms of degrees Celsius, and it would be useful if the timer displayed the actual temperature rather than just the numbers from 1-9. According to the Cosi Home product page on Amazon, the maximum temperature is about 45-50°C, and that feels about right.

Cosi Home Heated Throw settings controller

As for the timer, you again have 9 different settings, with the ability to set the throw to turn off after up to 9 hours. This is much more straightforward and a really handy feature to have if you plan to fall asleep while wearing the blanket.

Timer on the Cosi Home heated throw


According to the Cosi Home product page on Amazon, it'll cost you about 3p per hour to run this electric blanket. But that cost estimate dates from October 2022, and we found it actually cost us closer to 7p per hour. This is still very cost-effective and much cheaper than putting the central heating on.


We have to say that it was very easy to wash the Cosi Home Heated Throw because you can easily remove the cord and chuck it into the washing machine. It's safe to wash up to 30°C and we have no complaints here, helpfully the washing instructions are included on the label (pictured)

Cosi Home heated throw washing label

What didn't we like about the Cosi Home Heated Throw?

We do have a few criticisms of the Cosi Home Heated Throw, the main one being that we wish it was a little bit bigger. It's fine for one person and one person of average proportions will fit under it more than comfortably, but often when you're sitting on the sofa you want to share the throw with someone else, and we found it to be a little too small for this, to the point where our feet were sticking out the end. It's listed as being large and we definitely wouldn't describe it as such.

We also wish that there were a few more advanced settings - it's great to have the temperature and timer control, but we'd love to be able to control where on the blanket the heat was concentrated (we'd love to have more heat down at our feet, for example). For a heated throw that costs well over £60, we think it would be reasonable to expect that sort of advanced control.

Cosi Home heated throw settings

Anything else to mention?

We do have to say that even if we've not got this throw plugged in, we still often use it because it's very comfortable.

You also get a neat instruction manual with the heated throw, which sounds like a small thing but given the amount of things we order from Amazon which turn up with nothing, we actually appreciate this.

Final thoughts

So although we've been using our Cosi Home Heated Throw a lot throughout the past few months as a cheaper alternative to central heating, we still think it's a little too expensive considering how basic it is, and we wouldn't really describe it as luxury or large.

Have you tried the Cosi Home Heated Throw? Let us know in the comments what you experience with this electric blanket has been like!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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