Our coffee guides

We love coffee here at You Well, and over the years we've published various guides about this beautiful black substance. We've tried everything from instant coffee to coffee bags, and we're continuing to try new coffee products whenever we can. On this page you'll find all of our guides about coffee.

Red Brick Coffee Review (Square Mile)
By IMo | February 24, 2022

It is fascinating to find out that some of the local coffee that you take for granted is loved across…

African Coffee Beans: Our Full Guide with Tasting Notes
By IMo | February 18, 2022

African Coffee beans, in our opinion, are overlooked in the grand scheme of things. While South America and the Caribbean…

Is the Pret Coffee Subscription Worth it?
By IMo | February 7, 2022

While you could get yourself a local, craft coffee, the queues can be ridiculous and a coffee every day catches…

Which Country has the Best Coffee in Africa?
By IMo | February 4, 2022

There is hot, hot, hot debate about which African country produces the best coffee – but we’re not (too) interested…

Kefir in coffee – we tried it so you don’t have to
By Finn H | January 27, 2022

Once upon a time, Kefir could only be found at the far ends of the dairy aisles in pricey, slightly…