Christmas gift guide for dads – delight the dad(s) in your life

Dads can be really tricky to buy Christmas presents for. Often they'll pretend like they don't want anything, and even if you do get them something it can be hard to tell if they actually like it. We thought we'd put together a short list of some Christmas presents that are guaranteed to delight the dad(s) in your life.

Just before we do, we all know Dads love a bit of rude humour. We have a separate post for funny and rude Christmas Jumpers which would be a great gift for dads!

let's get into it:

LG Leatherworks wallet - Best for Dad's dinero

There is nothing better than buying someone a Christmas present that will last, and that's why we love the products from LG Leatherworks. Everything is handmade by Louise, a leatherworker based in Devon. She works from her shepherd’s hut workshop, where she creates her own products and also offers repairs. We've highlighted the leather bifold wallet for men that you can buy via the website because we love the look. Every wallet is made to order too, and includes an option to add initials too! Maybe you could go for DAD.

You can take a look at the wallet here -


Vitruvian Man - Best for standout skin

Buying skin products for men is notoriously difficult, mostly because many products for men contain harsh ingredients. This is why it's great to find a brand like Vitruvian man - their range consists of products which are as quality as anything you'll find for women, but the brand still has a masculine feel and focus. Every product contains natural organic ingredients, and is also ethanol, silicone and petrochemical free.

We've highlighted some of the great gift sets you can buy for Christmas, explore the full range here -



Murdock London - Best for groomed dads 

Does the dad in your life still have an awesome head of hair or are they rocking an epic beard? Then they need to look after their hair - definitely check out the Murdock London product range. Popular products include their beard balm, which is made from a lightweight formula that is quickly absorbed to transform dry, brittle, uncomfortable facial hair and look after the skin underneath it. There is also a range for hair, including a sea salt spray. The entire range was developed by barbers, so you know it'll be great for hair.

You can explore the full range here -


Look & Cover - best for a papa that loves pyjamas

Is your dad working from home at the moment? Chances are then that they're spending much more time in their pyjamas than usual. That definitely calls for an upgrade - Look & Cover is the ideal choice. Not only is every pyjama set light, comfy and soft, they can also be personalised at no extra cost (pictured). They have a really classy look too (more like loungewear than pyjamas), so you don't have to be embarrassed when you answer the door and take a parcel from the postman.

Explore the full range of options for men here -


Horace - Best for a nice smelling dad

Finding Eau de parfum for men can be tricky, as typically they're way too strong and high in harsh ingredients which can irritate the skin. The & Horace Eau de parfum from Horace is a great option for any man who wants an understated and fresh scent that won't knock people out but will still keep them smelling great. Impressively, 84% of the ingredients in the bottle are of natural origin, and Horace give back 1% of their sales to charities that protect the environment (such as Surfrider Foundation).

This is a great product, plus you can get it as a gift set that can be personalised with stickers you'll find in the box. Check out the product here -


So that's our list of gifts for dads this Christmas, if the dad in your life likes a board game then check out our list of the best board games for adults, you might find something they'll like!

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