Christmas Clothing Gift Guide – Give The Gift of Fashion This Festive Period

People generally love to receive clothing as a gift for Christmas, but the trouble is that so often we get it wrong. We thought it would be useful to round up a few of our favourite clothing brands that we've stumbled across this year in case you're looking for a last-minute Christmas gift that'll knock their socks off - that is if you don't want to play it safe with an Oodie alternative. Let's get into it:

Cultureville - Ethically Made African Print Clothing

Inject some serious style into someone's wardrobe with a gift from Cultureville, an ethical clothing brand focused on creating modern style African print clothing. We love the vibrant colours within their range and think the blazers are an absolute must if you're looking for a statement piece. Plus, every product within the Cultureville range is handcrafted and made from fabrics sourced exclusively from local African suppliers.

Explore the impressive full Cultureville range here -

Stripe & Stare - the best knickers you'll ever wear

The importance of having quality and comfortable knickers often gets overlooked, but if you've ever worn a pair for a long time you'll know that these attributes really matter. This is why we love the knickers from Stripe & Stare - not only are they incredibly comfortable due to being made from wood pulp rather than plastics (this makes them really soft), they're also great for the environment. These knickers are biodegradable, and apparently, only 3% of knickers on the market are biodegradable so this is really impressive. If that wasn't great enough, Stripe & Stare will also plant a tree for every order you place. Amazing!

You can explore their full range of knickers here (plus make sure to check out the gift section!) -


Owa Yurika - the best kids clothes you can buy

Kids clothing can be so boring, which is why it's amazing to see a brand like Owa Yurika enter this market and make it exciting and interesting. The brand was founded by Yuki and Yuriko Oshima, a Japanese mother-daughter duo with a passion for their culture and fashion. The idea for the brand was born when looking for clothing for their daughter/granddaughter. Finding the options both uninspiring and produced without care, Yuki and Yuriko set out to create a brand that would do something different. Every item of clothing they produce has been made sustainably from organic and sustainable fibers. Because these clothes are made with such care and quality they don't just look great, they're also designed to be played in. This means they're flexible, comfortable and durable.

We love these items and recommend you explore the full range for yourself here -


Cosabella - the best bras you can buy

Usually with bras, you have to make a compromise - you typically have to choose either comfort or style, and rarely can you find a bra that balances both well. This is why we love love love Cosabella bras. Not only are they ergonomic and super comfortable, they're also really stylish, sexy and they have a mesh basics range which is totally undetectable under a shirt or blouse. They also boast a range of sizes and have loads of options for bigger busts.

We're super impressed with this range of bras and think they're the best that money can buy. Explore the full range of bras here -


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