Our cereal guides

Here at You Well, we love cereal. We don't just eat it for breakfast, we'll also quite often eat it as a late night snack. Cereal gets a bad rap from many people, but there are plenty of healthy cereal options out there, and we love to publish guides about cereal to prove that it can be consumed as part of a healthy diet.

Are Shreddies healthy? We take a look at how good this cereal is for you

By Finn H | November 15, 2022

They’re apparently knitted by nanas and they’ve been on the UK supermarket shelves for years, but are Shreddies actually healthy?…

Is Alpen good for you? We take a look at this ‘healthy’ cereal

By Finn H | August 11, 2022

Alpen is one of the most popular cereal brands in the UK, and has been a permanent fixture on our…