Our cereal guides

Here at You Well, we love cereal. We don't just eat it for breakfast, we'll also quite often eat it as a late night snack. Cereal gets a bad rap from many people, but there are plenty of healthy cereal options out there, and we love to publish guides about cereal to prove that it can be consumed as part of a healthy diet.

The best high iron cereal you can buy in the UK (top 6)

By Finn H | June 26, 2023

Our modern diets are so often missing key vitamins and minerals due to the way that our food is processed….

Best low carb cereal – 5 tasty & keto friendly options to try

By Finn H | May 19, 2023

We write a lot about cereal because we love eating it. Sure, it’s great as a breakfast meal, but it’s…

Are Bran Flakes Healthy? We take a close look at this classic Kellogg’s breakfast cereal

By IMo | April 14, 2023

The Kellogg’s breakfast range features a variety of iconic cereals, and Bran Flakes is easily one of the most recognisable…

The best gluten free cereal you can buy in the UK (top 7)

By Finn H | March 15, 2023

If you’re trying to avoid consuming gluten, you sort of have to accept that there are some types of foods…

Best low calorie cereal – start your day with one of these 6 tasty but low cal cereals

By Finn H | February 7, 2023

We’re crazy about breakfast cereal in this country – the UK breakfast cereals market size was valued at GBP 2.61…

Best high protein cereal – 7 tasty options for people who want to start their mornings with a protein boost

By Finn H | January 10, 2023

Protein is an essential nutrient that all of us need to build muscle and keep our bodies healthy. Despite a…

The highest fibre breakfast cereal you can buy in the UK (top 8)

By Finn H | January 6, 2023

Fibre is an essential yet overlooked nutrient that many of us simply don’t get enough of. The recommended daily intake…

Is Shredded Wheat good for you? We take a close look at this whole grain wheat cereal to see how healthy it is

By Finn H | December 28, 2022

Of all the breakfast cereals you could have in the morning, Shredded Wheat is probably the simplest of all. It…

Are Coco Pops healthy? We take a close look at how good this cereal is for you

By Finn H | November 27, 2022

We write lots of articles about cereals and how healthy they are, and usually the cereals we choose brand themselves…

Is Special K healthy? We take an honest look at how good this cereal is for you

By Finn H | November 21, 2022

Unlike so many of the cereals on UK supermarket shelves, Special K is a rare example of a cereal which…