CBD Bath Bombs? Are they Fact or Fiction?

Today, for the first time I decided to 'enhance' my Friday evening me-time. Like millions of people, I like to get into a warm bath with some essential oils, put my facemask on and a nice glass of red wine. I really need it to feel human after a super stressful week of dealing with clients, and my boss.

A friend of mine had suggested that I try putting CBD into the bath. With a wink and a nudge she said it has 'mary-jane' in it. We've tried CBD before (you can see what we think are the best CBD brands in this list), but never considered a CBD bath bomb. Brands like Blessed CBD and Healthspan don't make CBD bath bombs, so could they really be all that good?

She used the CBD bath bombs herself as she didn't feel comfortable having a glass of wine even when her kids were settled down for the night.

So, I thought id take a mary-jane leaf out of her book and bought one online. Here is the review.

CBD Bath Bomb - CBD life

What Does CBD Do In the Bath?

At first, I was suspicious about what CBD does in the bath, and whether it was just another one of those pointless marketing tactics; so I did a lot of research and it seems as though they are legit.

When you put CBD in the bath it is absorbed directly into the skin, rather than through the digestive system like many other CBD products. The purpose of a bath is to relax, and CBD helps to relieve stress and tension; so a CBD bath bomb can make your soothing bath time extra relaxing. So, after a long day at work, rather than pouring yourself a glass of wine you may want to swap it out with a bath full of CBD.

To add to this the American Academy of Dermatology has noted that topical CBD is potentially beneficial for conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and even managing acne. So, not only is CBD in the bath relaxing, it may actually be super great for you skin's health.


What is it like?

The bath bomb that I purchased was from CBDlife, and they have two different types; relax and refresh. I was tempted by 'Relax', but I just preferred the sound of the refreshing smells.

I ran my bath as normal and put the CBD bath bomb in as usual. The bomb disintegrated almost immediately in that satisfying fizz everybody buys a bath bomb for. The was strong smells of peppermint and eucalyptus which were really apparent and very natural. I have in the past used overly perfumed bath bombs, however, this one seems to use natural essential oils and ingredients to scent it.

The CBD in the bath bomb I didn't notice until a good way into my bath. I was feeling very relaxed, a little bit sedated and my skin was feeling very soft.

For a good couple of hours after my bath I could still feel the effects of the CBD and I enjoyed a palpable level of calm during the evening and actually fell asleep on the couch, before a fantastic night of sleep in bed. It took me by surprise how much the bath bomb affected me.

The only negative I can say about this CBD bath bomb is that the colouring in the bath bomb stained my bath after it was drained. The staining came out with some minor scrubbing, and this isn't unusual for some bath products.

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