I used CBD balm for a month and this is what I noticed

Every month, we try to use a new skincare product that someone has recommended to us. For the past 30 days we've been using a CBD balm from Kloris, a popular brand based in the UK and one of the best CBD balms we've tried. Let's talk about it...

So CBD balm huh? You finally caved in?

CBD is the buzziest buzz thing that ever buzzed, and you can currently find it seemingly everywhere. I saw one of these CBD balms on the shelf at Boots and it was on sale, so I snapped it up for about half of what I should have paid for it. These CBD things are expensive, they better be good.

What CBD balm did you buy?

I got the Luxury CBD balm from a brand called Kloris (pictured). On the front of the box, it says '66mg' (presumably of CBD?), and the back describes it as a 'high strength' balm. Yikes. My interest was piqued when a quick Google search showed that Ant and Dec had recently invested in the brand. If it's good enough for the Geordie legends then it's probably good enough for me.

Kloris CBD balm

The balm that I bought

How did you use the balm?

I mainly used it on the area around my eyes, mostly because the tub was quite small (5ml) and I didn't think it would last a month if I was slathering it all over my fat face, but also because I'd read elsewhere that CBD can help with things like fine lines and dark circles, of which I have plenty (I'll spare you an image, you probably get the idea).

How did it go?

After using it every morning and most evenings for 30 days, I actually feel like it has made a pretty significant difference. For starters, the whole area feels much smoother and definitely looks a little less dark. I also have plenty of balm left and will probably get another month out of it which is pretty great value for money, plus I love the smell of the CBD combined with the shea butter.

So...will you be using CBD balm again?

Definitely! I've got plenty of the Kloris balm left so I'll finish that first, but then I'll probably try something from a different brand (as long as it's on offer, what can I say I like a bargain).


Big thumbs up from me!

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