Cannock Chase Forest – Explore the amazing trails in this beautiful forest

Cannock Chase Forest is best known for playing a key role during World War I because as it was the largest unenclosed area in the West Midlands, it was an ideal location for 2 large military training camps. It is also a popular Go Ape location. We think that the forest has much more to offer than just training camps and Go Ape, which is why we wanted to publish an article about it. We'll be looking at what to do at the forest and what you need to know before visiting, let's get into it:

What are the popular trails at the forest?

As we mentioned in our introduction, there are a few different trails that can enjoy during your visit to Cannock Chase Forest, including walking and cycling trails. Let's have a look at our favourites:


Chase Heritage Trail
At 10 miles in length, this trail will definitely require a full day of walking to complete. However, despite the length, this is by no means a difficult trail. There are some short incline stretches and a few slippy parts, but apart from that most people should feel pretty comfortable with this walk. This trail also links the 3 towns of Rugeley, Hednesford & Cannock, so if you're looking for a bit of local exploration then this walk is ideal.


Fairoak Trail
This trail is a bit better for walkers of all ages and sizes - at only 2.5 miles in length, kids can pretty easily get involved. Another thing that makes this great for kids is the walk past the Fairoak Pools, where you'll probably be able to spot wildlife such as swans, ducks and maybe even some deer. There are even paths on this trail that would be suitable for a buggy.


Perry's Trail

Built in 2021, this trail has already become a favourite with cycling enthusiasts. At just under 3 miles in length it is by no means difficult, but it's enjoyable because of how quickly it can be completed and the variety of surfaces you'll come up against, including some muddy patches. There is also one slightly longer climb to tackle which might challenge cyclists who haven't done much mountain biking.


The Monkey Trail
This is arguably the most difficult cycling trail in the entire forest. At just under 15 miles in length it is pretty long, but what makes it really challenging is the variable trail surface. The steep descents and climbs mean you'll need to be pretty technically advanced to tackle this trail, and even then you'll probably struggle. If you're feeling extra brave then you can give the jumps a go.

Visiting Cannock Chase Forest (2022)

If you're heading to Cannock Chase Forest this year (2022) then there are a few things to be aware of:


- The forest is open from 7:30am most days and usually closes at 5pm, but is open later in the summer months


- An all-day car park ticket will cost you £8


- There are disabled toilets and baby changing facilities at the forest as well as a cafe. Dogs are also allowed.

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