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Can you use regular coffee filters for AeroPress?

I would die (being dramatic here) without my AeroPress. It makes the most perfect espresso or base for a perfect long black. It is one of the best hand-help presses if you love exceptional coffee. 

It’s unique hand-press brewing method produces a super smooth and flavorful cup of coffee (especially if you have the very best Coffee Beans) that is perfectly oxygenated. Annoyingly, the different parts of the product need to be purpose-made and purchased from Aeropress. The part you will run out of the most is the coffee filter. It got me wondering whether they can use regular coffee filters for AeroPress or not.

So, let’s get into whether you ca use regular coffee filters for your AeroPress. 



Can you use regular coffee filters for AeroPress?

Before we answer the question, let’s take a look at how the AeroPress works.

The AeroPress is a manual coffee maker that uses air pressure to extract the coffee from the beans. It is made up of two cylinders, one of which is a plunger that fits inside the other (to create air pressure). The coffee grounds are then placed in a purpose build filter which is then inserted into the bottom of the pressure tank. You then add your hot water over the grounds, before the plunger is pressed down which forces the coffee through the filter and into your cup. The pressure aerates the coffee giving it a lovely fuller flavour.

So, can you use a regular filter for the AeroPress? The answer is actually yes, you can use regular coffee filters with your AeroPress. Before you do decide to buy regular filters rather than the Areopress ones, you need to consider a few points. 

Coffee Quality & Flavour: As you may expect, the AeroPress filters are different from regular coffee filters. AeroPress filters are much thinner and are designed to allow for a faster flow of coffee. The filters do not allow the air pressure to build up too much, and keeps the flow at a perfect rate so not to disrupt the flavours. A slower pour may actually affect the way your coffee tastes. 

Regular coffee filters are generally much thicker and are designed to retain the oils and flavours of the coffee. If you use regular coffee filters in your AeroPress, you may find that the coffee lacks the depth and complexity which you would normally get with an AeroPress filter.

Size Matters: The  AeroPress filters are also specifically designed to fit into your AeroPress, whereas regular coffee filters may not fit properly or may require some modifications (scissors my friend, scissors). You’ll not make the same mistake again if the filter does not fit properly. There is nothing worse than ruining your coffee with a mouth full of grounds, or the hot coffee spraying all over you – or the kitchen. 

Environmental Impact: From an environmental standpoint, AeroPress filters are also compostable, which means they are better for the environment than most other coffee filters.  Some regular filters are made with plastic or other materials which cannot be recycled. So, if you care for the planet, maybe buy compostable filters or stick with Aeropress. 


Final Thoughts

So, can you use regular coffee filters for your AreoPress. The short answer is yes, but they may be much more bother than they are worth. The Aeropress filters are designed for the hand-pressurised brewing method so it will result in a better, more flavourful coffee, and make the whole process easier. 

If you do need to use regular coffee filters, then you should consider that the coffee may not taste quite as good, the size of the filter may make the whole process excruciating and the filters may not be quite as friendly to the environment. 

If you really do not want to spend all the money it requires to get branded filters, then these are the ones I have and they work perfectly fine (pictured above).

So, do we recommend using regular coffee filters for your Areopress? No. Could you use them in a pinch, sure! 

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