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Can you eat Quorn every day?

Quorn mince

Regular readers of our blog will know that we're big fans of Quorn. And we've now almost entirely swapped out the meat in our diet for this vegan alternative. We've tried a number of different meat alternatives, and Quorn remains the best in terms of taste, texture, and price. This led us to think - could you actually eat Quorn every day? I mean, surely there must be people out there doing it. But is it actually possible? That's what we're going to explore in this article. Let's get into it.

Protein and fat

So let's start with the positives. Quorn is by no means an unhealthy product. If your plan is to swap out meat for Quorn entirely, then I've got good news for you - you won't be missing out on much protein, which is one of the key nutrients that you need for muscle, bone, and hair growth. The mycoprotein used to create Quorn is a complete protein, meaning it contains all 9 of the essential amino acids you'd find in the protein from meat. Awesome!

Quorn is also extremely low fat, so you don't have to worry about your meat substitute adding pounds to your waist. If your plan is to swap out meat for Quorn, then you can definitely try this without worrying about a lack of protein or an influx of fat.

Quorn mince nutrition

The price

Okay, now here are the downsides. Quorn is expensive and there's no getting around that. It works out to be slightly more expensive than meat equivalents, almost always, with a few exceptions such as beef mince (it's almost exactly the same price per gram). For most people, swapping all of their meat for Quorn means adding a few digits to their monthly shopping bill, and (at the moment especially) that may just not be possible for some people. So we understand why some people might choose not to switch over to Quorn entirely and start eating it every day instead of meat.

Bloating and taste

The other thing to note about Quorn is that it can make some people feel bloated. Because it's a fungus, It can be slightly trickier for some people to digest. And although we think that most people eventually get used to it, to begin with, it can definitely cause bloating, especially if you're planning to eat it every day.

The other thing to consider about Quorn is that it can be quite bland when consumed on its own. I suppose you could say the same about chicken breast, but it's just something to consider. You might get a little bit tired of the taste and texture of corn if you're eating it every day.


One other thing to mention is that Quorn isn't that nutritionally dense. You do get your protein from it, but you don't get a huge amount of vitamins as you do from meat. So if you do plan to swap meat for Quorn entirely and start eating Quorn every day, you're definitely going to want to up your supplements and start consuming more leafy green vegetables to make sure you get all of those vitamins and minerals that you're missing out on. For example, red meat is high in zinc, iron, and Vitamin B12.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we definitely think it's possible to eat Quorn every day and to maintain a healthy diet. Our only slight hesitations would be the increase in price of your weekly shop, and the lack of vitamins you'd get if you're cutting out meat entirely and not supplementing.

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