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Can you eat jelly cubes out the packet? (yes, but maybe don’t) & Is Jelly Good For You?

Hartley's jelly cubes

Some things look like they could be eaten straight out of the packet, but really shouldn't be. Whenever I look at a stock cube I really want to pop it in my mouth, but I know that would be nothing more than a salty, beefy mouthful which I'd quickly want to spit out.

Jelly cubes are one of those products which look great out of the packet, and which actually taste great out the packet too. If you haven't tried them before, they taste like very intense sweeties, with a texture similar to gummy bears but with a much stronger flavour. We've only tried the strawberry and raspberry flavours from Hartley's, but they're good!

But aside from tasting good, there is another reason why you might want to try eating jelly cubes and we look at whether or not jelly is actually good for you.

Let's take a look:

They're high in calories

The fact that jelly cubes are high in calories might not sound like good news to you (especially if you're reading this post after eating a whole packet while you're sitting on the sofa), but for many people, the high-calorie content of jelly cubes is really useful.

If you're a long-distance athlete burning lots of calories like an ultrarunner or swimmer, then you need foods which are packed with calories - at almost 300 calories per 100g, jelly cubes definitely fit that description.

If you're eating jelly as a sweet treat, or a quick snack, then you should find a healthier alternative. Too many calories in your diet, without burning them off, can make you put on weight and cause health complications in the long term.

IMG_3810 (1)

They contain gelatin

Gelatin is one of those unfortunate things which makes lots of foods delicious but also happens to be made from ground-up animal bits. If you don't mind that and you're an athlete looking to improve your performance, then you should stock up on jelly cubes.

Jelly cubes are almost entirely made from gelatin, and some studies have shown that gelatin can actually help to improve the strength of ligaments, which could be really helpful for athletes.

Again, jelly as a sweet treat may be good once in a while, but you're eating a product made up of 100% fat. It means that it is a fantastic energy source, but not a treat if you're on a diet or need to lose weight. Foods that are high in fat are not generally considered as healthy.

CollagenWhat about eating jelly cubes for your nails and hair?

Sorry to burst any bubbles, but eating jelly cubes won't do anything for your nails or hair.

The thinking behind this myth was that the gelatin in the jelly cubes can help to encourage growth, but nails and hair are made from a type of protein called keratin, and won't be affected by an increased intake of gelatin.

However, consuming more protein can have an impact on the growth of your nails and hair. Marine collagen too.


Final thoughts 

So hopefully you can see from this article that eating jelly cubes can be really useful for athletes who are burning a lot of calories and needing help with recovery but aren't so good for people who are trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle or looking for their nails and hair to grow (in fact, pretty useless).

Jelly is certainly not a healthy snack but great as a sweet treat, or an energy source while out in the bitter cold in the middle or a marathon!

Let us know if you eat jelly cubes straight out of the packet in the comments below!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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