Can Guinea Pigs Eat Beansprouts?

Is it just me, or do people just feed their Guinea pigs random things they feel have gone a little too long in the fridge? People are asking across the internet whether a Guinea pig can eat pineapple, pears, grapes and even popcorn. 

Personally, I keep things simple. Salad and veg – very rarely some ham. 

So, after finding out that bean sprouts are a controversial topic in the ‘pet parenting’ world, I decided to do some research. Can guinea pigs eat beansprouts? Let’s, get, munching. 


As a summary, yes, bean sprouts are a highly nutritious source of food for guinea pigs, and it is completely safe for them to eat. The sprouts are low in calories (to protect their hearts and lower their weight), low in calcium and quite cheap in the supermarket. However, bean sprouts should be part of a varied diet for your pet. Don’t go giving them bean sprouts and only bean sprouts. 


What are Bean Sprouts? 

If you’ve ever had stir-fry, then you’ve had a bean sprout. Also called ‘Mung Bean Sprouts’ as they are grown from the Mung Bean. The long shoots are produced by watering and sprouting a bean, then putting it into the shade until the sprout becomes long and filled with water. Perfectly ready to eat. 

The sprouts are very commonly consumed across southeast Asia, and can be cooked or eaten raw. They contain huge amounts of vitamin C, a healthy dose of fibre and loads of antioxidants. All of which keep your Guinea pig healthy.

If we look closer at the bean sprout, we can see how many minerals and vitamins there are! Everything from (per 100g) iron (0.91mg), Magnesium (21mg), Phosphorus (54mg), Vitamin C (13.2mg) and Calcium (13mg). They also contain a huge portion of water (90.4g), a dose of protein (3.04g), fibre (1.8g) and sugars (4.13g).

They are so easy to produce that you can even sprout them yourself at home!


Why You Should Feed Our Guinea Pig Bean Sprouts 

As we mentioned above. A small portion of bean sprouts are a great for your G pigs health. It contains a whole suite of essential metals for their healthy body function and minerals which they are prone to missing in other aspects of their diet. A lettuce leaf can only do so much. 

The sprouts are likely to give your Guinea pig more energy, will help to maintain a healthy body fat ratio, can improve their digestion and ensure they get enough vitamin C to support their immune system. So, if they are out in the cold winters, they have everything they need to stay strong. 


Why You Should Not Feed Our Guinea Pig Bean Sprouts 

It comes as no surprise that you shouldn’t overfeed your pet any one thing. Too many Bean Sprouds can cause some issues to many aspects of your piggies life. 

Firstly, the bean spouts contain lots of phosphorous but not a lot of calcium. An imbalance like this in your Guinea pig’s diety can cause a few health issues: like brittle bones and teeth. The lack of calcium in the body will start to take the mineral from the pig’s bones. Not good! 

Otherwise, too many sprouts may give your piggie a little bit of a sore tummy. Too much fibre in their diety can start to make them all filled up with gas and make their day very uncomfortable. Bean Sprouts come with the added risk of food poisoning. If you don’t wash the pig’s food well enough, the contaminated food can make them very sick, and cut your little friendship short. 


Final Thoughts. 

While it is perfectly safe for a guinea pig to eat bean spouts, you should chuck them in as a part of a varied diet. They are a great source of minerals but, like anything, too much has it’s own consequences. 

Bean Sprouts are good for your own health, so if you have a bag, share the love with your little friend. 

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