Our camping guides

Although we don't get the opportunity to go camping too often here in the UK due to the weather, as soon as the cold weather stops we love to get out in our tent and enjoy the outdoors. Below you'll find all of our guides related to camping.

Ventura Roof Tents review – our honest thoughts
By Finn H | December 28, 2023

Car roof tents have quickly gone from a product that you probably hadn’t heard of (and might have even scoffed…

An in-depth look at the rise of the Tentbox
By Finn H | December 27, 2023

As an entrepreneur and business writer, I’m constantly trying to think less logically, because that’s where a lot of the…

Tentbox Classic – an honest review of this car roof tent
By Finn H | November 10, 2023

We’ve made no secret about how much we love our Tentbox Lite 1.0 – just read our review of the…

Best car roof tents – 5 options to try if you want the amazing experience of camping on the top of your car
By Finn H | November 8, 2023

We’ve been going camping for years, and we’ve written previously about locations such as Loch Lomond that we take our…

Is it worth buying a TentBox? Our honest review of this popular car roof tent brand
By Finn H | September 3, 2023

When we were all cooped up inside during the pandemic, most of us realised how much we loved being outdoors….

Best Camping Pillows We’ve Explored with in the UK
By IMo | August 11, 2023

When camping, it is the small details that make the difference between an insufferable, and a somewhat comfortable experience in…

Best Winter Sleeping Bags You Can Find in the UK (2023 Update)!
By IMo | June 12, 2023

If you’re camping in the UK, then you’re almost always camping in winter conditions. It is a joke, but it’s…