Brewgooder Beer Review

As you may have noticed, we all here at You Well love beers. Particularly interesting beers. One day, in about 2018, I came across a fascinating new beer brand called Brewgooder. What caught my eye was an orange branding with (what looked like) African patterns on it. I had just returned from my second or third trip to Tanzania so was interested right away.

One of our writers lives about 30 minutes from Edinburgh and immediately recognised the brand as one that hailed from the city. Many years have now passed, and Brewgooder seems like a completely different company.

Today - we're going to do a deeper dive with a Brewgooder review.


Who is Brewgooder?

Brewgooder isn't just any old beer company - they are a beer company with a purpose. They are (or at least once) an Edinburgh-established, now Glasgow-based brand that launched to raise money for clean water aid. Their journey began in 2015 when founders, James and Alan, met while working in a social enterprise. They both had a passion for great beer and making 'an impact'.

The launch on World Water Day was a resounding success and the success managed to help 5000 people access clean water in Malawi.

The community grew and placed Brewgooder on the shelves of high street supermarkets (like Co-op) and made them the first B-Corp certified Scottish brewery - you can even buy their beers on Amazon. Their mission has ensured that 150,000 lives have now been positively impacted by their business.

And when it comes to the beer, that ain't too bad either.



The Beer

Back in 2018 (I think), I made Brewgooder my go-to beer. I attached to the ethos, loved the branding and the beer was light, refreshing and perfect for a summer's Friday night. As we all become more health-conscious during the pandemic, my beer drinking at home had decreased significantly and for whatever reason, I have fallen away from drinking their beer.

The company do a beer subscription so there was really no excuse.

It wasn't until one of my friends took me to Civerinos Slice that my love of the brand was rekindled. Although, they look very, very different from how they once did (you can google what the old can look like).

Firstly, the collab beer with the pizza stop 'Civs' was insanely good. It was light, fresh and balanced in flavour. What I remember was the beer had a very light, easy-drinking quality which I noticed has still been maintained. The beer feels pure and light (rather than hoppy and heavy) which makes me think clean water (could be brand association).

What I was really impressed with was the fact that the company clearly still care about their roots. Although they are stocked as far south as near me (Bristol) they are still up for a collaboration with an 'Edinburgh institution'.



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