Books Like Verity by Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is churning out some absolutely fantastic books, and she keeps on giving. Her 2021 novel 'Verity' is one of her finest works and is subject to huge praise wherever you look.

If you're here then you'll be looking for books like Verity, and will need to skip over the short synopsis. If you haven't read it, then read on.

The novel follows an author on the brink of financial ruin (a very common trope) and accepts a to work for Jeremy Crawford, the husband of Verity Crawford who is herself a successful author. They hire Lowen to complete the remainder of Verity's best selling novel series that she is unable to finish after sustaining an injury.

However, upon starting the work, Lowen finds a half-finished autobiography which contains shocking admissions about Jeremy & Verity's daughter's death. Lowen hides the truth until the truth becomes advantageous and attempts to break the marriage in half.


It Ends With Us - Colleen Hoover

If you're looking for a book like Verity, then the next stop is 'It Ends With Us' - or Books Like it.

The book follows an 'enemies-to-friends' vibe that results in a wonderfully touching, heartful love story that will be difficult to forget.

The book is Colleen Hoover's most successful and has accolades coming out the ying-yang.

Find it for free here

It ends with us front cover

One Day - David Nicholls

I remember reading this one summer, on a couch in a flat owned by an ex-lover. An ex-lover who was gallivanting through the USA and who, it would turn out, dumped me when they returned. After paying three months of their rent.

This has no reflection on this wonderful book but the painful, beautiful story inside the pages of this book still sticks with me many years later.

One day is potentially one of the best romantic comedy books of the 2000s and will break your heart and leave you needing more.

You can get One Day for free when you sign up to get the audiobook. Or just get a hard copy. 

One day front cover

The Quiet at End of The World - Lauren James

Romance novels can be derivative and the more you read, the more they meld together. Something quirky may freshen up your pallette.

Themes of humanity, what it means to be human and why love is the most important thing we can do, are strong in the book.

A powerful multi-award-winning novel that I've kept on the bookshelf.

Find it for free here

the quiet at the end of the world front cover

The Spanish Love Deception - Elena Arma's

We've already written a little bit about Books Like The Spanish Love Deception and we can fully recommend it to anybody who has just read Verity.

Based on the reviews online the book is either one you love or want to throw into the Mediterranean.

It is a love story - with lots of nice characters - go read it if you liked Verity. Please.

You can get it free here


The American Roommate Experiment - Elena Armas

Another one by Elena Armas that you'll love if you're looking for books like Verity.

This is a follow up to her Goodread choice awarded book that you'll find directly above this section (The Spanish Love Deception).

The story follows Rosie who is forced to live with her secret crush, Lucas, who is only staying in New York for a couple of weeks.

You can get the novel for free here



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