Romantic Books Like ‘It Ends With Us’ that will break your heart

If you've just finished reading It Ends With Us, then your heart will be breaking and burning for more nerve twisting, beautifully written books that keep you asking 'will they ever get together!?'

Colleen Hoover's It Ends with Us is a multi-award winning, highly acclaimed masterpiece, so it has been very difficult to find anything that may come up to standard. We've searched long and hard through our library and researched a lot of new books to write this post.

So, here are some books like It Ends With Us that you should think about reading.

One Day - David Nicholls

I remember reading this one summer, on a couch in a flat owned by an ex-lover. An ex-lover who was gallivanting through the USA and who, it would turn out, dumped me when they returned. After paying three months of their rent.

This has no reflection on this wonderful book but the painful, beautiful story inside the pages of this book still sticks with me many years later.

One day is potentially one of the best romantic comedy books of the 2000s and will break your heart and leave you needing more.

You can get One Day for free when you sign up to get the audiobook. Or just get a hard copy. 

One day front cover

This is how you lose her - Junot Diaz

This book is one of my all-time favourites and it is a bit of a curveball - even if you're looking for a book like It Ends With Us, reading something different maybe what you need.

Junot Diaz's collection of short stories is a particularly interesting twist on the romance genre and looks at love through the eyes of a Dominican immigrant living in the USA.

The book looks at politics, sexuality, language and so much more.

Find it here

Junot Diaz - this is how you lose her front cover

Bright Side - Kim Holden

Bright Side is book one of a three-book series of romantic novels like It Ends with Us. It is even loved by Colleen Hoover who has written an endorsement for the book and is on the front cover of the most recent editions.

The book follows a love resistant optimist who finds her life in San Diego to attend college. Kate meets Keller who is just as wary of love as she is. The tale that follows is a touching, heart-wrenching read that will have you grabbing tissues for tears of laughter - and sorrow.

At the very least the first book is well worth your time.

Find it here


The Quiet at End of The World - Lauren James

Sometimes romance novels can become derivative and the more you read, the more they blend together. What you need is something a little bit different - something quirky.

The Quiet at The End of The World is one of those novels that will stay with you for a long time.

This romance novel traces themes of humanity, what it means to be human and why love is the most important thing we can do.

A powerful multi-award-winning novel that I've kept on the book shelf.

Find it here

the quiet at the end of the world front cover

The Boy Who Steals Houses: The Girl Who Steals His Heart - D.G Drews

Sam has an autistic brother, and their family has abandoned them. So they set out to make a life for themselves and break into a house. They are caught but the returning family and taken under their wing.

While tangled in a web of lies and deception, Sam falls for Moxie who is unaware of the past that will soon catch up with Sam and threaten everything.

This doesn't do this wonderful book any justice. You simply need to read it.

Find it here

The boy who steals houses front cover

Things We Never Said - Nick Alexander

All that is left of Catherine is a box of cassette tapes. Her voice shared stories of the love that she and Sean had. In an honest, and often painful way.

Her recordings will reveal to Sean all of her deepest thoughts and things that she could never have said to him in person. Although this shakes Sean's memory of what he and Catherine had, he meditates on what love is, and whether destiny played any role in what had transpired between them.

Nick Alexander explores the themes of love that 'It Ends With Us' could never think of doing. But if you liked the heartbreaking yet real moments of romance, you're going to love Things we never said.

You can get it here.

Things we never said cover

They Both Die at the End - Adam Silvera

Mateo and Rufus get some bad news; they are going to die today. Although neither has ever met, they are destined to die on the same day. 

They, by chance, meet on an app called 'Last Friend' to connect with others and spend their last day with somebody new. This is how Mateo and Rufus meet. 

What follows is a heartbreaking, touching story of love, life and death. 

Like It Ends With Us, you're going to need some tissues. 

You can get the book here for free

they both die at the end cover

Love and Other Words - Christina Lauren

A book that keeps turning up on when you're looking for books like it Ends with us, is Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren.

Full disclosure here, I have not yet read this book but the synopsis fits the bill and the reviews say that this book is outstanding.

I think I will be adding this to my list of books to listen.

You can get the book here for free


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