Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Kettle Review

My kitchen is full of weird and wonderful devices from all over the internet. I saw the Variable Temperature Electric Kettle on a Sorted Food video, and my magpie brain kicked in. Ordered on Prime.

The reason I purchased the kettle was that I can get a bit geeky about my coffee. I like to tailor the temperatures, tweak the bloom times and all the weird stuff people do to get the most out of the humble coffee bean. So this kettle seemed as though it would be the ideal thing for me to get really niche with my morning cup of coffee.

My main concern about the Kettle is that it would be a tacky, unreliable and pointless waste of money. After all, it is a pretty pointless bit of tech. Nobody needs this… until you do.

When the Bonavita Variable Temperature Kettle arrived I was pretty stoked. I even waited for it to arrive before getting into my coffee, and I was a little bit more excited than I should have been.

The kettle to start with was fairly robust, and the kettle itself has a nice brushed finish to it. The black plastic stand is a little tacky but we can look past that. A kettle is usually just an invisible thing you use a couple of times a day, but this one stands out a little bit. Functional, not pretty, is fine. For the price tag, I have to say it would be nice if the quality was a little bit better but it’s not important.

The Kettle was very, very easy to use. You plug in, program your temperature and set it on. You may be here thinking: so, why would you be using the Bonavita Variable Temperature Electric Kettle?

Well, if you’re really into your tea you can set the temperature to be perfect whether you are having green, white or yellow teas – or a high temperature for a black tea. Each has a specific temperature which helps to bring out all of the flavours. This is important too for coffee – if the temperature is too high then the coffee becomes burnt and bitter, too low and the coffee may be sour and weak. Each bean has a different ideal water temperature, so it’s great to have a kettle that has an exact temperature gauge.

I also love the goose necked pour; it makes pouring very easy, especially when you are trying to evenly bloom before making a french press. I set the temperature at 50 degrees C and then up to 80C to full up the press. I love the kettle for my Saturday morning when I get to play with new coffees.

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