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Blessed CBD Oil Review

I've tried a few CBD oils in my time, and the one that keeps popping up, again and again, is Blessed CBD. They appear online as the best in many huge publications and online reviews.

It is higher rated than the few I have tried before so like many people before me, I went ahead and purchased myself a bottle of the oil from their profile on Amazon UK

So, without any more of this girl's chat, let's get into my Blessed CBD Oil Review.


Blessed CBD? Who Are They?

To say this very simply, Blessed CBD is a Cannabidiol brand from the UK. They are currently the largest of the thousands of brands that have come out of the explosive growth of the new cannabis health and well-being market (selling everything from CBD vapes - I write about the benefits of vaping CBD here- to CBD gummies)

I read the 'about us' page which wasn't very insightful but found another review online (CBD Bible) that said the company had been founded by a lone entrepreneur who sold to a larger US-based company called High-Tide. They are a prime example of a company that was established before the pandemic and prioritised its online profile.

Other than supporting Isreal Adesanya, Blessed CBD are now expanding into Germany and the USA. I found Blessed CBD reviewed in the Manchester Evening News and thought I would give them a shot.


What Was My Experience?

Blessed CBD box

I am not so clued up on the product itself, so my Blessed CBD review will not include any technical analysis or lab testing like some of the other reviews for the company. What I will focus on is how it felt as a consumer. Which is what I feel is most important.

I ordered the Blessed 1000mg CBD oil on their website after clicking on a link from a newspaper after a quick google search for recommended products. The website looks nice, it is very easy to use and within a few minutes, I had ordered my oil with a next-day delivery service. I hate waiting.

The oil cost me £69.99 with free next-day delivery. The oil arrived the day after without any trouble at all.

My package arrived in a branded mailing box with a message on the inside, my oil in a box and some other flyers and leaflets. I really appreciated this as it helped me understand how to better use the oil and showed a lab report for the oil. It instantly gave me confidence. If I am to nit-pick, the materials felt quite plastic and I have since tried brands such as Cannaray who offer a nice finish.

When I compare this oil with others I have tried (and my usual brand), I noticed that the flavour was raw and earthly, which is something I like. What I did notice was that the oil made me feel quite alert and almost 'wired' for about half an hour after using it, and then I felt quite nice and relaxed. I used the oil for about a month and I did notice that my sleep was good and my gyming was improved.

If there is something that would prevent me from recommending the oil wholeheartedly, it would be the price. It is quite expensive and many of the other reviews I read online say the same. There are similarly good oils for much much less.


What are the Reviews Online Like?

It seems that generally, the reviews for Blessed CBD are very positive across the board. After looking at myself as a customer, I was very satisfied that the general consensus is that the company are as good as it seemed.

The Trustpilot profile is looking at a 92% 5-star rate and very few negative reviews. The negative reviews are infrequent and seem to be individual experiences.

I also read a number of other online reviews from blogs and publications, I was interested to read more about the marketing strategy of the company and if they are actually the best in the UK.

I suppose you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.


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Blessed CBD Reviews Trustpilot
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