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Billingsgate Fish Market – a guide to visiting the UK’s largest inland fish market in 2023


London is packed with amazing markets, and we've published guides about a few of our favourites, with our Brick Lane Market guide being one of the most popular pages on our website.

Billingsgate Fish Market has a very different vibe to the Brick Lane Market, but it is still excellent, just for entirely different reasons. Instead of trendy clothes and quirky antiques, you'll find an amazing mix of delicious fish and other fresh seafood, all expertly prepared by people who are passionate about seafood.

We wanted to publish a guide about Billingsgate Fish Market for anyone planning to visit in 2023, let's get into it:

Where is Billingsgate Fish Market?

As we mentioned in our introduction, Billingsgate Fish Market is located in London, in a district called Poplar which is located in the East of the city. The market itself is based on Trafalgar Way. Poplar is just to the North of Isle of Dogs, and just to the West of Limehouse.

What can you find at Billingsgate Fish Market?

Billingsgate Fish Market is actually the largest inland fish market in the UK, with an average of 25,000 tonnes of seafood products sold through its merchants each year.

The market covers an area of more than 13 acres and the trading hall typically has more than 90 different stands and 30 shops.

Billingsgate Fish Market is definitely one of the best fish markets in the entire UK, and you'll find quite an incredible mix of fish here. The market typically offers a selection of between 140 and 150 different species of fish, including

What traders are there at the market?

You'll find a huge mix of traders at Billingsgate Fish Market, but there are some traders who have been there since the very start and who typically have more than 1 stall. These include:

John Stockwell LTD

John Stockwell LTD has been trading since 1992 and is a family-run business which is now managed by the 3rd generation of Stockwells. Popular products include everything from cockles to mussels.

Learn more about the company here -

J. Nash & Sons

J. Nash & Sons is an experienced trader specialising in white fish, shellfish, and clams.

Learn more about the company here -

West & Sun LTD

West & Suns will often have at least 4 stalls at the market, and you'll find all kinds of fish from around the world sold by this trader. This includes everything from Grouper to Mahi mahi. Learn more about the company here -

Getting to the market


If you're travelling by the tube:

On the Jubilee line: the market is a 10 minute walk from Canary Wharf

On the DLR line: the market is a 5 minute walk from Poplar or a 5 minute walk from Blackwall

If you're driving from the city

Take the A1100 Tower Hill and then the A1203 East Smithfield. Follow The Highway to Limehouse Link Tunnel and then exit from the tunnel into Aspen Way. Take the 1st slip road and follow the signs to Billingsgate Market.


If you're driving from the South

Take the A102 via Blackwall Tunnel and take the first exit on the North side. Follow signs to Canary Wharf / Isle of Dogs and you'll eventually see the market signs.

Opening times

The market is closed on Mondays and Sundays, but is open every other day between 4am and 8am. On Sundays there is sometimes a shellfish market which is held between 6am and 8am.

Health & Safety guidelines

Children under the age of 12 are not permitted on the market floor, and this includes babies in buggies and harnesses Items with wheels, such as trollies, suitcases, and folding carts, are not permitted on the market floor either.

We hope this guide has inspired you to visit this market. Let us know if you've ever visited Billingsgate Market or if you have any other markets that you'd like us to publish a guide about.

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