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Best Winter Sleeping Bags You Can Find in the UK (2023 Update)!

If you're camping in the UK, then you're almost always camping in winter conditions. It is a joke, but it's very sadly close to the truth. Particularly if you're camping in the Scottish Highlands while climbing Scotlands Munroes then even the nicest of months can get pretty cold in the evening.

If you've even made the mistake of buying the wrong winter sleeping bag, then you'll never make the mistake again. A warm night is easy to deal with, but a long cold night in a thin bag is well worth avoiding.

As an avid climber and camper, I have worked my way through a few winter sleeping bags in my time. So, we've compiled a list of the best winter sleeping bags for campers of all kinds: whether you'll be spending time in a tent, a converted van or the floor of a cosy bothy. We have a good selection for you.


The Best Sleeping Bags For Winter In the UK

  1. Qezer (Best Value)
  2. Vango Nitestar
  3. Mountain Warehouse (Best on High Street)
  4. Rab Ascent 1100 (Best All Rounder)
  5. Rab Mythic (Best for Long Hikes)
  6. Forinbuy (Best for Couples)

QEZER Winter Sleeping Bag (Best Value)

What you need from a winter sleeping bag is a warm, insulated bag, that has an opening you can seal around your face to keep the heat in. In many cases you also want it to be water-resistant, to have an easy smooth zip (that doesn't snag halfway down) and can be easily used even with cold hands.

This is exactly what the Qezer bag offers. To start with, the bag does not use traditional synthetic stuffing, but down duck feather at 620FP (super warm). It can take you down to temperatures as low as -12. Outside of the premium stuffing is a robust, water-resistant and windproof covering that will keep the wetness out on those miserable rainy days.

The only consideration here is that the shape of the bag is 'mummy' which (for some people, including me) can be a little tight on their legs and feet. There isn't much room to move.

Check out the bag on Amazon prime with next day delivery:

Qeer sleeping bag

Vango Nitestar 375

My current bag is the Vango Nitestar. Honestly, anything from Vango will be a very good sleeping bag. I currently have the 250 but I would recommend the 375 for that extra bit of warmth.

The Nitestar is very warm, has a water-resistant and windproof outside covering, with a soft and comfy internal layering which has pockets and an easy zip. It does snag a little bit but generally, I have no issues at all.

The bag is already very warm and can withstand temperatures down to -1 but the 375 can withstand temperatures much colder than that.

The Vango is a very good brand and you can't go wrong.

For more information and to buy the bags, the best place to go is

Vango Nitestar

Mountain Warehouse Summit 250 Square Sleeping Bag (Best On The High Street)

The UK high street has always been delivered with walking and hiking gear. Any good town centre always has a mountain warehouse. Believe it or not, they have a good selection of sleeping bags, including some that are fantastic for winter camping.

This particular bag is superb, and I like it because it has a little more space for your feet, and still keeps in the heat.

The bag is almost completely made from polyester and synthetic materials, but it can withstand temperatures as low as -18.

The reviews for the bag are pretty good too.

You can find this sleeping bag, and other great ones via the Mountain Warehouse website:


Mountain warehouse sleeping bag winter

Rab Ascent 1100 Hydrophobic Down Sleeping Bag (Best All Rounder)

This post is about the best winter sleeping bags, and the very best can get pretty expensive.

Thankfully, this sleeping bag isn't quite as expensive as other Rab bags, but they are some of the best sleeping bags you can buy. They have all the features you need, are produced using the highest quality materials and the cosy warm night you'll have is the proof.

This bag is packed with 1100g of duck feather and is the warmest in the range. The bag has a special durable Pertex® Microlight inner and outer covering.

Other than the cosy layers, the sleeping bag has a internal YKK stash pocket, anti-snag webbing (a broken zip is the worst on a cold night) and a trapezoidal baffle design that stops any cold spots. This really is one of the best winter sleeping bags that money can buy.

You can find more about the features of the bag and also buy it from the Rab website:

Rab WInter Sleeping Bag

Rab Mythic (best for long hikes)

If you're a hiker and like to walk for days at a time, then the very best winter sleeping bag you can buy is the rab mystic. It is designed specifically to be extremely lightweight while also being very, very warm indeed.

There are two versions of the Mythic - the 180 down (0 degrees) and 360 down (-8 degrees) which are both packed with goose down.

What makes the bag so unique is the fact that it has the world's first heat reflective thermo ionic lining. It. ensures that the super light wieght bag is gram-for-gram the warmest bag on the market (for it's weight).

So, if you're packing really carefully, then the Mythic is the bag you really should consider.

It is available on the Rab website, but the shipping is slightly quicker and the sleeping bag itself is slightly cheaper on

Rab Mythic Sleeping Bag

Forinbuy (Best for Couples)

Some of the charm about camping in the wilderness is doing it with somebody else. There is a huge increase in people heading out into tranquility for the weekend as a family in campervans or tents. The biggest issue i've encountered is being warm, but having to be on seperate sides of the bed sperated by out coffin bags.

In these situations I would have loved to get a big double bag where we can both be warm, and comfy togther.

The Forinbuy is a huge sleeping bag that is desinged for two people. It is the ideal winter sleeping bag for couples for the fact that it is also packed to be suitable to withstand temperatures as low as 0 degrees. With two people's body heat, that is more than comfy.

For more information about the sleeping bag, you can check it our on


Double Sleeping Bag

Hopefully, this post will have helped you find the best sleeping bag for your winter adventures. If you think we've missed something out, or if you'd like to share your experiences with some of the products we have included, just add your comment into the section below.

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