Best Online Shops for Viking Jewellery Across the UK

Are you enchanted by the mystique and craftsmanship of Viking culture?

Do you long to adorn yourself with intricate and symbolic jewellery that reflects the valour and heritage of the fierce Norse warriors?

Well, we're here to help you find the best places to buy Viking Jewellery across the UK. Whether you're a history enthusiast, a fan of Viking aesthetics, or simply appreciate unique and meaningful accessories, these online destinations will help you find the perfect piece to unleash your inner Norse spirit.

Let's take a look:


What is Viking Jewellery?

Actual Viking jewellery is not generally found outside of a museum. The Vikings roamed (and pillaged) across most of northern Europe looking for loot and adventure. Initially hailing from modern-day norway, the Vikings were a nomadic band of warriors who left their belongings and traditions scattered across the UK and the continent.

What sets Viking jewellery apart is its fusion of powerful symbolism and classic motifs that are derived from examples of jewellery dug from the earth. Designs often incorporate elements like animals, mythical creatures, geometric patterns (Vikings were avid sailors), and runic inscriptions. These pieces were not only used as adornments but also served practical purposes, such as fastening garments, showcasing social status, and even acting as currency.

There are some stunning examples of Viking jewellery online, but where is best to get some great examples. Let's get into it:


Best Places to Buy Viking Jewellery across the UK

Amethyst Compass Necklace

This is a genuinely stunning example of Viking jewellery and perfectly encapsulates all of the traits you're likely to encounter.

The semi-precious amethyst gemstone has been engraved with a 'Vegvisir' - which is a compass representing the direction of your life. It is to help guide you to the correct path and bring older luck and protection.

The description makes lots of claims about the benefits of an amethyst (including protecting again witchcraft and evil forces) but in truth, t just looks awesome and would be a nice little reminder of 'doing the right thing' everyday.

This stunning little bit of viking jewellery can be found on

Viking Jewellery


One of the very best places to buy Nordic Jewellery online is Norsegarde. Some of the jewellery on the website is truly stunning.

They sell handcrafted Viking jewellery from sterling silver, and you can find everything from rings, pendants, bracelets and even Nordic axes. Pretty awesome.

The jewellery is more on the expensive side but the quality here is. beyond almost everything else on the web.

If you want to enjoy a Nordic piece for years to come, made from a properly precious metal, then this is your stop.

You can check them out, and see their full selection, right here:

Viking ring


There are plenty of great websites for Nordic jewellery, and one with some of the best examples is Northlord.

With a selection of genuinely mind-blowingly beautiful examples of rings, bracelets and bangles, there is no better place to buy your Viking trinkets and precious smalls.

The jewellery has been designed around myths and gods, to imbue the wearer with the embodiment of their message. Whether it be strength, cunning or to attract a lover, the jewels are so much more than glitters.

If you like the look of Northlord then check out their website, and visit their store:


Viking Bangle


Other than having an awesome name, GrimFrost has one of the largest collections of Viking inspired products we've ever seen.

Whether you are looking for a bone comb, a Viking dining set or a beastly horn to drink your ale, then this company are your best friend.

This page is all about their examples of Viking inspired jewellery and they have some really nice examples.

A personal favourite is the 'Vegvisir' amulet made from sterling silver. It is emboldened by a Viking compass and ancient runes. It is truly beautiful.

You can find the template here, along with everything else they offer:


Viking amulet

Son's of Vikings

One of the smallest, most precious, examples of Viking Jewellery is the beard ring. It is one of the few examples of Nordic jewellery that is quintessentially and unmistakably Viking.

This example is from Son's of Vikings which is a UK-based Viking specialist who produces and sells a huge range of products. From rings, bangles, bands and keychains, to clothing, helmets and drinking horns.

The full selection can be found right here on their website:

Beard Bands

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you've found at least one of the websites on this list has something you're looking for. It is quite easy to find yourself drawn into a rabbit hole of purchasing a whole set of Viking jewels.

If you think we've missed an important company or wish to share what you have purchased, make sure to leave a comment below!

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