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Yummy veggie mince you can buy – make delicious veggie chilli, shepherd’s pie, & more

Published by Finn Hayden

Mince is a staple in most UK households - from lasagna to bolognese, in most homesĀ  there is usually at least one meal per week which involves mince. So unsurprisingly, lots of vegetarian mince alternatives have popped onto the supermarket shelves. As with most vegetarian ranges, the veggie mince options are very mixed in terms of quality, but there are some genuinely good options. We wanted to round-up the very best of the bunch, and to be clear when we're talking about veggie mince we're talking about vegetarian mince, although some options in this list are vegan-friendly. Let's get into it:

Quorn mince

We're written previously about how to cook this veggie mince properly and we've also included it in our list of the best Quorn products - suffice to say that we're big fans of Quorn mince and probably put it up there as our number 1 choice right now. It's easy to cook, the texture is great, and crucially for us, it's not made with soy. Buy it here -

Quorn mince

Meatless Farm

We give this veggie mince top marks for looking like the real thing - you can probably see from the picture that the team at Meatless Farm has totally nailed the look and texture of real mince, which for many people is a big factor. But it's also worth mentioning that this could be a negative factor for many - the mince from Meatless Farm definitely looks more "realistic" than the mince from Quorn, which might make some vegans and vegetarians feel a little ill. Buy it here -

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Linda McCartney's Vegemince

We're actually not the biggest fan of much of the Linda McCartney's range, aside from some of the sausages which are generally very good. The Linda McCartney's Vegemince is actually pretty great though - it has a similar texture to the Quorn mince but is made with soy so has a bit more of a bite to it. Unlike the Quorn mince, you'll probably only find this in the frozen aisle.


This Isn't Beef Plant Based Mince

We've reviewed the THIS ISN'T chicken very highly before, and we're happy to report that their mince is also very good. It's very interesting to note that the guys at THIS ISN'T decided to actually use the term 'beef mince' on the front of the package, because as we mentioned with the Meatless Farm mince this could actually put some vegetarians off. But as you can see, this veggie mince really does look like the real deal, which makes it great for any veggie mince skeptics. You can buy it here from Sainsbury's here -


Final thoughts

There are quite a few veggie mince options out there, and although some of them aren't great, the products we've listed above are definitely worth trying. Let us know your favourites in the comments!

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