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The best vegan parmesan you can buy in the UK (top 4)

If there is one food that most vegans seem to miss the most when they ditch dairy, it is cheese. This product has such a distinctive  taste and can be used in so many ways that there is no denying life becomes a little harder when cheese is no longer in it.

For years, attempts at making vegan alternatives to cheese were really bad, until recently where even vegan alternatives of obscure cheeses are actually really good. One such example is parmesan, as you can now buy lots of excellent vegan parmesan alternatives. We thought it would be useful to round up the best that we've tried, let's get into it:

Green Vie Parveggio

We haven't featured the Green Vie brand in our guides too frequently, but you can buy some excellent vegan products from this brand, including this delicious vegan parmesan. Called simply 'Parveggio' (a very clever pun), this vegan parmesan is available to buy pre-grated which is very useful, but most importantly the taste is great. It has a very similar strong and mature taste as what you'd find from real parmesan, and this product works wonderfully sprinkled over pasta. It's made using coconut oil and definitely has a slight nuttiness to it. This product is also fortified with Vitamin B12, which is a nice bonus. Learn more and buy it here -

Parveggio grated - Greenviefoods

I Am Nut Ok Oh Grate

The I Am Nut OK brand has some awesome vegan cheese that we've featured previously, including an awesome vegan mozzarella. This 'Oh Grate' product makes for an awesome vegan parmesan alternative - made using cashew nuts, garlic, and truffle oil, we feel like the team at I Am Nut OK has totally nailed the flavour and texture of real parmesan. This product works perfectly on pasta and pizza, but you could also use it as a tasty salad topper. Learn more and buy it here -

I Am Nut OK Vegan Parmesan

Violife Prosociano Wedge

Regular readers of our vegan guides will be familiar with the Violife brand, as this brand has produced a number of vegan cheeses that we've featured previously (the vegan camembert is delicious). This Prosociano Wedge from Violife works perfectly as a vegan parmesan alternative, and it's also the only product that we found for this guide which didn't come pre-grated. And if you're like us, that's a bonus, because one of the joys of using Parmesan is getting to grate it over your food and to pretend that you're a fancy waiter (just us? ok.) Made using coconut oil and rice protein, the texture was fabulous and we really enjoyed the taste. Oh, and it's also fortified with Vitamin B12. Learn more and buy it here -


Nurishh Gran Vegiano Grated Vegan Parmesan Style

Nurishh is another great brand that we're no stranger to, and this Parmesan Style Gran Vegiano vegan cheese is a seriously impressive product - made using coconut oil, it definitely manages to capture some of that iconic Parmesan taste. But it's the texture that we liked the most, which is almost exactly like real Parmesan. Learn more and buy it here -


Hopefully this guide helps you to find a lovely vegan parmesan alternative. Let us know if you've tried any of these products or if you have any other suggestions for us! If you'd like to read a similar guide, check out our guide to the best vegan cheese we've tried.

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