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Vegan mozzarella you can buy that is actually tasty (the 5 best we’ve tried)

Published by Finn Hayden

Vegan cheese is very hit-and-miss, but our guide to the best vegan cheese you can buy includes a number of brands which are doing a good job at making delicious dairy-free cheese. However, that guide is mostly full of vegan alternatives to cheddar cheese. If you're looking for a vegan alternative to a more specific type of cheese such as mozzarella, that's a bit more complicated.

Real mozzarella is squishy, stretchy, and very flavourful. It also grates and melts well. Trying to get a vegan mozzarella to have the same texture and taste is really hard, and we've tasted some really bad attempts. But luckily for you, we did manage to find quite a few good options when it comes to vegan mozzarella, the best of which we've included in this guide. Let's get into it:

I AM NUT OK Bluffalo Notzarella

Firstly, we have to give props to the I AM NUT OK brand for the excellent name of this vegan mozzarella - it made us laugh. But this product is no joke as far as a dairy free version of mozzarella goes. If you're looking for a vegan alternative that will stretch and melt just like real mozzarella, this product is an excellent option. This 'notzarella' is ideal for melting on pizza or for slicing to use in salads, plus it can be easily grated. Made using Organic soya milk and coconut oil, we find both the taste and texture to be very close to the real thing. Learn more and buy it here -

Bluffalo Mozzarella

Sheese grated mozzarella style

If you like your mozzarella grated, then this Sheese grated mozzarella style vegan cheese is right up your street. With a taste which is similar to mild white Italian mozzarella, as well as a similar texture, this product is ideal for sprinkling over pasta or for use as a pizza topping. It'll melt beautifully and it's made with coconut oil so has a wonderfully sweet yet mellow flavour. This vegan mozzarella is super versatile and very tasty, learn more and buy it here -

Sheese grated mozzarella style

MozzaRisella Classic

This vegan mozzarella from MozzaRisella caught our attention because it is stocked on the official Ooni website, and you can actually order MozzaRisella along with your Ooni pizza oven. The team at Ooni knows a thing or 2 about making great pizza, so if they're endorsing this vegan mozzarella then that really says a lot. This product is actually made using Italian brown rice, which is pressed to make milk, which is then turned into the MozzaRisella. It's totally free from dairy, as well as being free from gluten and soy. We're super impressed with this and it melts really well, learn more and buy it here -


VBites Cheezly mozzarella style

The team at VBites produces a whole range of excellent vegan alternatives to popular products, but we think the mozzarella-style Cheezly is the best thing they do. Made using tofu and coconut oil, what we really like about this vegan mozzarella is that it's very easy to slice, making it perfect for adding to salads and for scattering over a pizza. It also melts well and tastes very good, plus it has the stretchiness that you'd expect from real mozzarella. You can also buy a grated version of this product, learn more and buy it here -

Cheezly Mozzarella style

M&S Plant Kitchen Not'zzarella 

We've raved so often about the range of food from M&S that you're probably bored of hearing us talk about them by now. M&S is easily one of the best supermarkets for gluten free food, plus the pizzas from here are amazing. But we have to admit that the vegan range from M&S might be the best of the lot, especially when you consider that M&S was the only supermarket where we could find an own-brand vegan mozzarella. Made using coconut oil, we find both the taste and texture to resemble real mozzarella quite closely. Plus, it comes pre-grated so it's ready to sprinkle over a pizza or for use as part of a lasagna. We're big fans of this, learn more and buy it here -

Plant Kitchen Grated Mozzarella

Hopefully, this guide helps you to find some excellent vegan mozzarella to use for a pizza or to sprinkle over a meal. Let us know what you think of our recommendations or if there is any other vegan mozzarella that you've tried which you think we should review!

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