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The best vegan feta we’ve bought & tried (top 5)

Published by Finn Hayden

We hope that by now, regular readers of our blog understand that a vegan diet doesn't have to be boring. We've written about delicious vegan alternatives to all kinds of foods, from tuna to eggs, and there are more vegan options out there than ever to choose from.

Even when it comes to an obscure cheese like feta, which might seem a bit too niche to create vegan versions of, you've actually got lots of vegan versions to try. And this is especially useful for vegans, as feta tastes great with just about anything - pasta, salad, or on its own. We thought it would be useful to round up the best vegan feta cheese alternatives that we've bought and tried, let's get into it:

Violife Greek White

Violife is another brand that we feature a lot in our guides because the brand makes lots of excellent vegan cheese, including a very tasty vegan parmesan. This Greek White from Violife is a perfect vegan alternative to real feta cheese - made using coconut oil and sea salt, the flavour perfectly captures the taste of real feta cheese, and the texture is pretty much perfect too. This product has a very impressive rating of 4.4/5 from more than 40 reviews on the Tesco website, so other people clearly agree with us that it's a good product. It's worth noting that this vegan feta alternative will also melt pretty well, so it's a versatile product. Learn more and buy it here -

Violife Greek White

I Am Nut OK Greek Inspired Fetamorphosis

The I Am Nut OK brand makes so many amazing vegan cheeses, including a vegan camembert that we love. But this Greek Inspired Fetamorphosis has to be our favourite of the bunch - made using cashews and coconut oil, it comes in a block which you can cut into little feta-style squares and use however you wish (we recommend sprinkling over a Greek-style salad). The taste was remarkably close to real feta, and the texture was that perfect blend of slightly soft and slightly crumbly. We're very impressed with this vegan feta, learn more and buy it here -

I Am Nut Ok Greek Inspired Fetamorphosis

Sheese Greek Style

Regular readers of our guides will know that the Sheese brand is one of the best when it comes to making delicious vegan cheese, even excelling at making vegan cheese which can melt. This Greek Style vegan feta from Sheese is another great example of what the brand can do - made using coconut oil, it has a wonderful crumbly texture which is very close to real feta cheese. We also love the taste, and we were impressed to find that this product melts, which is perfect if you want to use it to replace feta cheese in a recipe. Learn more and buy it here -

Sheese Greek Style

Sainsbury's Free From Greek-Style

Sainsbury's produces some excellent vegan versions of foods, including a really great vegan cream cheese product. But we still have to admit that we were surprised to see this own-brand vegan feta from Sainsbury's, and we were even more surprised at how great it tasted. Made using coconut oil, this product has a very similar taste to real feta cheese and we loved the saltiness too. Learn more and buy it here -

Sainsbury's Free From Greek-Style

M&S Plant Kitchen Greek Style Cubes

The Plant Kitchen range from M&S is one of the most impressive vegan supermarket ranges that we've found in the UK, with some really impressive products like very tasty vegan marshmallows. These Greek Style Cubes from the M&S Plant Kitchen range are also an excellent vegan feta alternative - made using coconut oil, you can buy a big tub of these cubes which come in brine so they last for ages and have a lovely saltiness to them. If you need a vegan feta cheese alternative to sprinkle over a salad, these cubes are perfect. Learn more and buy them here -

M&S Plant Kitchen Greek Style Cubes

Taifun FETO

This last vegan feta cheese alternative is a little different because it's made using tofu, but we still think it's great. It has a slightly salty taste which is very reminiscent of real feta cheese, and the texture is pretty excellent too - slightly crumbly but also a bit of bite. It's also great to see that it's a 100% organically made product, and the benefit of having a product made from tofu is that it's also quite high in protein. Learn more and buy it here -


We hope this guide helps you to find a delicious vegan feta cheese alternative. Let us know what you think of our recommendations or if there are any other products like this that you think we should try. If you want to read a similar guide, we have a guide to the best vegan cream cheese you can buy

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