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The best vegan chicken alternatives in the UK (Our Favourites)

We love chicken here in the UK - in fact, it is now estimated that chicken is our favourite meat to consume. However, as more people switch to vegan and vegetarian lifestyles, the demand for meat-free alternatives to chicken has skyrocketed, and there are more options out there than ever before. On a recent trip to our local supermarket, we noticed that there were more meat-free chicken alternatives than just about any other type of meat, so it's fair to say that the choice is a bit overwhelming. We wanted to round up the best vegan chicken alternatives out there, taking into consideration the taste, price, and nutritional breakdown. Let's get into the guide:

Vivera chicken breasts

The Vivera brand isn't quite as big as the likes of Quorn quite yet, but they're certainly making a dent in the vegan market. One of their products which is really cementing their place on the supermarket shelves is their meat-free chicken breasts - these don't just taste pretty good, they've also got a nice texture and look to them.

Vivera chicken

THIS isn't chicken

We've written before about the THIS isn't products, but their chicken is definitely the best product from their range. It's so good in fact that brands such as Barburrito have chosen to use their chicken as the vegan option in their stores.

This isn't chicken

What the cluck chicken

Our full review of the What The Cluck Chicken is the best place to head if you're looking for our full thoughts on their meat-free short, but in short - we think it's pretty great. The texture is nice and the taste is pretty good.

What The Cluck chicken

Quorn pieces

We're massive fans of Quorn (read our review here) and the Quorn Pieces are one of their most popular product. Although these are great as a meat-free chicken alternative, it's interesting to note that Quorn hasn't actually included the word 'chicken' on the front of their packet for the Pieces (unlike every other brand in this list). We think this is probably because although we're big fans of Quorn Pieces, they don't have a similar texture or taste to chicken at all - they're just a great substitute.

Quorn chicken pieces

Final thoughts

So for us there is a clear winner here - the chicken-style pieces from THIS isn't are just too good, despite the price. The texture is similar to chicken, and although the taste isn't perfect, no brand has cracked that yet. So until a brand does nail it, we'll be sticking to THIS isn't for whenever our chicken cravings flare up.

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