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Tasty vegan camembert that we love (top 5)

Published by Finn Hayden

For vegans, ditching cheese is often the hardest part of switching to a plant-based diet. We've written previously about how some cheeses such as Mozzarella have lots of great vegan alternatives, but for more specialist cheeses, it can be hard to find a plant-based equivalent.

For example, camembert is a wonderfully rich and creamy cheese which most vegans couldn't imagine that there would be a good vegan equivalent of. But surprisingly, there are lots of great vegan camembert options out there. We wanted to round up the best that we've bought and tried, let's get into it:

Mouse's Favourite Camembert style

Of all the vegan camembert we tried for this guide, we think this product from Mouse's Favourite was definitely the best. Made using just 4 ingredients, it's simple but really tasty and does a great job of recreating the creaminess and richness of camembert made using cows' milk. This vegan camembert even has the rind that you'd find on real camembert. It's quite hard to get your hands on this product as you won't find it stocked in many supermarkets, but you can buy it via the Mouse's Favourite website here -

Mouse's favourite camembert

Violife Le Rond

Violife is a brand that we think most vegan cheese lovers will be familiar with - the products from this brand are stocked in almost every major supermarket in the UK. The vegan camembert from Violife is super creamy, and really has the richness you'd expect from real camembert. Pop this in the microwave for around 1 minute if you've instantly got a deliciously warm and decadent dip for your bread or crackers. This vegan camembert really impressed us, and it's pretty readily available too. Learn more and buy it from Waitrose here or Tesco here.

Violife Le Rond

Nurishh Baked Vegan Camembert

This vegan camembert from Nurissh is delicious when enjoyed cold, but it's when you warm it up that you can really appreciate what an excellent alternative it is to real camembert. This plant-based product will actually melt just like real camembert, so you can dip bread or whatever you like into it. This product is made from Coconut Oil and Sunflower protein, giving it a taste very similar to real camembert. Learn more and buy it here -


Tyne Chease Original

If you're a fan of the creaminess of camembert cheese, and you love to spread it on crackers and bread, then we think this vegan cheese from Tyne Chease will definitely scratch your camembert itch. Made using organic cashew nuts and a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt, it's entirely vegan and really has an expensive taste to it. In fact, Tyne Chease describes itself as The UK's First Artisan Vegan Cheese company. The cheese also contains probiotics, so it has actually been properly cultured as you'd expect any good camembert to be. Learn more and buy it here -

Tyne Chease Original

Hopefully, this guide helps you to find a delicious vegan camembert. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other recommendations for us! If you're interested in reading more articles like this, check out our guide to the best vegan cheese we've tried and the best lactose free cheese we've tried.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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