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Delicious vegan burgers you can buy that even meat-eaters will love (top 8)

Published by Finn Hayden

Burgers are a staple at most restaurants and BBQs, and they're easily one of the most popular types of food in the UK. For vegans, burgers are often one of the foods they miss the most when they decide to ditch meat and dairy. Although for many years there were very few good vegan burger options, nowadays you are spoilt for choice in this category. We thought it would be useful to round up the best vegan burgers that we've bought and tried, let's get into it:

Happy Go Clucky vegan burgerĀ 

We've already raved about the vegan chicken from the The Vegetarian Butcher, giving it the top spot in our list of the best vegan chicken alternatives. So it'll be no surprise to see that we're also really big fans of the vegan chicken burger from this brand. Made from Soy and fortified with Vitamin B12, this burger has a lovely crispy texture and reminded us a lot of the vegan KFC burger (although we think we like this one better). Learn more and buy it here -
Happy Go Clucky burger

Meatless Farm Quarter Pounders

Meatless Farm makes some great veggie mince which we've reviewed previously, and we're also big fans of the vegan quarter pounders from this brand. They definitely have what we'd describe as a satisfying meaty bite to them, probably because they're made with pea protein rather than soy. This makes them gluten free and also relatively high in protein at 16.8g of protein per 100. Learn more and buy them here -
Meatless Farm

Garden Gourmet Sensational Plant-Based burger

Made mostly from soy protein, the one thing which stood out for us about these vegan burgers from Garden Gourmet, aside from the great taste, is that they're high in protein - 16g of protein per burger. These taste especially good on a BBQ and are really filling too, learn more and buy them here -
Garden Gourmet

Moving Mountains

The whole idea behind the Moving Mountains burger is that it is supposed to "bleed like a real burger", which doesn't sound very appetising to us. We didn't notice any blood when we ate this burger, but we did think it had a real meatiness to it, and we really enjoyed the taste. If you've got a meat eater who isn't sure about trying a vegan burger, give them one of these and you'll convince them. Learn more and buy it here -
Moving Mountains burger

Heinz Beanz Burgerz

Heinz is probably the biggest beans brand in the UK, so it's not surprising to see that they've finally decided to launch their own range of bean burgers. These Beanz Burgerz from Heniz are really tasty - the original is nice and simple, but we're big fans of the Texan Style burgers (pictured) which have a little kick to them. And of course, they're totally vegan. Learn more and buy them here -
Heinz Beanz Burgerz

Asda spicy bean burgers

These bean burgers from ASDA aren't as good as the burgers from Heinz, but they're still pretty tasty and quite a bit cheaper too. If it wasn't for the little spicy kick they might be a bit bland, but the spice really helps. On top of this, they're low in saturated fat and of course, totally vegan. Learn more and buy them here -
Asda plant based burgers

Future Burger

Of all the vegan burgers we tried for this list, Future Burger might have been our favourite - first of all, it looked like a real burger. On top of that, it's made from 100% clean ingredients, so no rubbish in the burgers. But most importantly, it tasted great. It's also impressive that these burgers are high in fibre, low in carbs, and contain no added sugar. Learn more and buy them here -
Future Burger

Linda McCartney's Vegan Cheese burgers

The one downside with a lot of the Linda McCartney's range of products is that many of them, such as the excellent veggie sausages, are vegetarian but not vegan. Luckily the brand does make a number of vegan products, including these great Vegan Cheese quarter pounder burgers. The cheese will melt when you grill them which adds a lovely saltiness. Learn more and buy them here -
Linda McCartney's Vegan Cheese burgers

Hopefully, this guide helps you to find a great jar of curry sauce! Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other recommendations for us to try!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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