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The best vegan biscuits you can buy in the UK (top 5)

Published by Finn Hayden

It's often said that switching to a vegan diet means your meals and snacks suddenly become boring and uninteresting, but we know that is a load of nonsense. Whether it's great-tasting vegan mozzarella cheese or delicious vegan white chocolate, there are so many excellent vegan snacks and foods to choose from that there has never been a better time to become a vegan.

To illustrate this point, we wanted to round up a list of the best vegan biscuits we've tried. We saw some other guides online and they included biscuits like Oreos, which are currently using a vegan recipe. But we didn't want to include biscuits like that in our guide because the recipes are changed so often that they could be unsuitable for vegans in the near future. Instead, we wanted to include biscuits which are made using a vegan recipe now and which will always be suitable for vegans. Let's get into our guide of the best vegan biscuits that we've bought and tried:

Angelic Ginger & Chocolate chip plant based cookies

We'd say that these Angelic cookies are so good that you wouldn't even know that they're vegan. Made using real chocolate chips and stem ginger, the flavour is wonderful and so is the crunchy texture. As well as being vegan,  they're also made with gluten free flour (read our guide to the best gluten free flour here) and gluten free oats, making them suitable for anyone following a gluten free diet too. As far as plant based cookies go, these are up there with the best we've tried. Learn more and buy them here -

Angelic ginger & chocolate chip biscuits

Rhythm 108 vegan double chocolate hazelnut biscuits

We actually included vegan biscuits from Rhythm 108 in our guide to the healthiest biscuits you can buy, but we think these double chocolate hazelnut biscuits taste even better. Each biscuit is packed with rich dark chocolate chunks, and they've got such a satisfying crunch and texture. Every ingredient in them is organic, plus they're totally gluten free too. They're also made without refined sugar and palm oil, plus they're pretty high in fibre. We can't say enough good things about these delicious vegan biscuits from Rhythm 108, learn more and buy them here -

Rhythm 108 biscuits

Livia's Biccy Bites salted maple

These biscuits are very simple but the salted maple taste is absolutely delicious - made with real maple syrup and just a pinch of Himalayan Pink Salt, the biscuits only contain 100% plant-based natural ingredients and contain no preservatives. On top of all of that, they're also gluten free. We love the little small bags that these come in too which are ideal for snacking. Learn more and buy them here -

Livia's biccy bites

Asda Free From lemon creams

We've raved plenty of times about how good the Asda Free From range is, and we often find products there that we can't find anywhere else. Most recently we found some amazing vegan marshmallows. But we have to say that the vegan biscuits from the Asda Free From range are excellent, especially these lemon creams. The filling tastes just like lemon meringue and the biscuit itself, which is made from rice and maize flour, is nice and crumbly. Learn more and buy it here -

Asda Free From Lemon Creams

Sainsbury's Free From chocolate chip cookies

We wouldn't say that Sainsbury's Free From range is quite as good as the Asda Free From range, but it still includes some excellent vegan products, just like these vegan chocolate chip cookies. They're not too crunchy but we like the softness of the cookies, plus each cookie biscuit is packed with chocolate chips. As well as being totally vegan, they're also gluten free. Learn more and buy them here -

Sainsbury's Free From chocolate chip cookies

Hopefully, this guide helps you to find some great-tasting vegan biscuits to buy. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other vegan biscuits that you think we should try. If you want to read a similar guide, check out our guide to the best vegan custard that we tried.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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