5 UK supermarkets that actually do great flowers

Published by Finn Hayden

We'd probably describe flowers as the perfect gift - they're beautiful to look at and can instantly light up a room. They're also usually quite inexpensive.

If you want to get someone flowers but you're not near a flower shop or it's quite late in the day, then people will often head to a local supermarket. We have to admit that not all of the supermarkets have great selections of flowers to buy, but there are some UK supermarkets which generally have a pretty good selection of flowers. We thought it would be useful to round up the best supermarkets for buying flowers from, let's get into it:

Quick overview of top choices


Of all the UK supermarkets that we visited, we'd probably say that M&S had the best selection of flowers to buy - you get a guaranteed freshness of at least 5 days with all of the flowers that you buy from M&S,

If you order the flowers via the M&S website then you get guaranteed next-day delivery, and that's 7 days per week too which is really impressive. Learn more here -

M&S flowers


We’re often really impressed with what we find at Co-op supermarkets, and we’re pleased to report that the Co-op also does a great selection of flowers. In fact, we were blown away by how good the Co-op is when it comes to flowers. Amazingly, the Co-op is the largest UK retailer of Fair Trade flowers, which in itself is a huge achievement. But on top of this, 100% of the roses that the supermarket has sourced from Africa are Fair Trade. Also, the Co-op works closely with British farmers to ensure that they’re only sourcing flowers which are in season. This means you always get a really interesting mix of British bouquets from the Co-op. And finally, all of the packaging used for Co-op bouquets is 100% recyclable - impressive stuff! All of this is outlined in a really good blog post on the Co-op website. Learn more here -
Co-op flowers


You’ll find a really great selection of flowers at just about every Waitrose that you’ll visit, and we also typically find bouquets at every Waitrose too which are perfect for those who want to give someone flowers for a more special occasion. We even found dried bouquets at our local Waitrose which really impressed us. If you prefer to buy your flowers online then Waitrose offers delivery 7 days per week and all of the bouquets shipped by Waitrose are hand-tied.

Another great thing about buying flowers from Waitrose is that you'll often find them reduced in price with one of the famous yellow stickers, so you can pick up a really nice bouquet of flowers for very little money. Learn more here -
Waitrose flowers


Despite not really being regarded as a high-end supermarket, we’re often really delighted by how good a number of the Sainsbury’s own-brand products are. That’s exactly the case for the flowers that you can buy from Sainsbury’s - we found a good mix of everything, with lots of different colours of roses and more interesting flowers such as Gypsophila (Baby’s-breath). On top of this, you can actually find flowers from the excellent company Bloom and Wild in a number of Sainsbury’s superstores across the country, so if you’re near one of those superstores then it’s an even bigger reason to buy your flowers from Sainsbury’s. Learn more about that here.

One thing which we felt Sainsbury’s was especially good at was having very simple bouquets - for example, if you want a nice simple bunch of sunflowers then you can find that at most Sainsbury’s supermarkets. Learn more here -

Sainsbury's flowers


Just like M&S, we were impressed to see that Tesco also guarantees that the flowers you buy from them will stay fresh for at least 5 days, which is really reassuring. The selection of flowers that you’ll find at most Tesco supermarkets is also really impressive, with everything from popular flowers like roses and lilies to more interesting flowers like spray carnations. We’ve seen impressive flower displays at the larger Tesco superstores, but we’ve also seen great flower selections from smaller Tesco stores. Learn more here -

Tesco flowers
We hope this guide helps you to find great flowers at the supermarket! Let us know if you've bought flowers from any of these supermarkets or if you have any other suggestions for us to try! If you want to read something similar, we have a guide about the best supermarkets for organic food.

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