4 genuinely great trans dating apps you can use to meet trans people

Published by Finn Hayden

Regardless of what gender you are, the world of dating can be tricky. It requires you to put yourself out there and be vulnerable, which in an evermore judgemental world, can be really stressful. For most people, it's a constant cycle of judgement and rejection.

We feel like it's extra tricky for transgender people, particularly if they need to navigate apps which are mostly full of cis people. But with an estimated 200-500,000 trans people now living in the UK, it seems preposterous to use that trans people should only be able to use apps like Tinder and Hinge.


Luckily, a number of trans dating apps have now been launched in the UK. We thought it would be useful to round up the best trans dating apps out there, let's get into it:


With more than 2k ratings on the App Store, HER is a popular free dating app for LGBTQ+ people which is pretty good for trans people. It's really quick to sign up - you can sign in with Facebook, Instagram, or your phone number (you'll get sent a code), and within minutes you can start to talk to people. Once you've added a photo, the app will ask you what your pronouns are, as well as something other questions about what you're looking for and what you look like (you can skip these questions if you like). Once you've added your location, you either scroll through the profiles in your area (up to 80km away), or you can search for people with specific characteristics in your area (age etc.), If you want to search for people in other cities or areas then that's a premium feature and will cost £9.99 per month. We're impressed with this app, learn more and download it here from the App Store and here from the Google Play Store.
HER dating app


Taimi isn't an app specifically for trans people, but it caters to anyone within the LBGTQ+ community very well. You can sign up using your Facebook or Snapchat, or your phone number (a code will be sent in 30 seconds). Once you've filled in the information about yourself and allowed the app to use your location, there is a quick tutorial (which was actually really useful) and then you can get started with finding people in your area and sending them messages if you like what they look like. Each profile includes the age and gender of the person, and after a look through the app we noticed a lot of trans people. There is also a section called Taimi Cards which allows you to express your personality in more interesting ways, such as sharing a Spotify playlist you really like. We were very impressed by this app and think it's ideal for trans people wanting to meet and date other trans people, learn more, and download it here from the Google Play Store and here from the App Store.

Taimi app


Trans is a very simple app which doesn't have too many features, but if you're looking to chat to trans people in your area in a fun and flirty way then this app is really great. It's free to use and actually free to search for people in other areas of the UK, which is pretty great. You can publish posts which will be shared with people in your local area and beyond, or you can simply browse other profiles and message anybody who takes your fancy. All of the profiles display the pronouns and preferences of the other users on the app, which is really useful. There were much fewer people on this app versus some of the others we've included in this guide, but because it's a trans app, it was almost entirely trans people. Learn more and download it here from the App Store.
Trans app


Translr requires you to upload a clear photo of your face, which actually means that you get more legitimate profiles on the platform rather than trolls. Once you've signed up using your email address, you can immediately start chatting to people in your area. There is a great search function where you can search for people who are new to the app or who are nearby. There is also a section which displays posts from other users on the app, and if you like what they've posted there is an option to 'say hi'. We found lots of trans people on the app and you can customise your profile to include mentions of what types of trans person you are (M2F or F2M) as well as other information. Learn more and download it here from the Google Play Store and here from the App Store.
Translr app

We hope this guide helps you to find a great trans dating app to use in the UK. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you've tried any other apps which you feel are worthy of a place in this list! 

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