Best Toe Separators for Boosting Your Foot Strength with Barefoot Shoes

This post has been surprisingly difficult to research. There are very few toe separators designed specifically for sports, actively or even while wearing barefoot shoes (we've compiled a list here of the best). Mostly, the toe separators you find online are for cosmetics and nail painting. Which is a completely different product, and will not work for barefoot running or walking.

So that you don't need to go searching long and hard for a product that just won't do the business, then we have put together the list for you.

So, let's have a look at the best toe separators for barefoot shoes.


Best Toe Separators for Barefoot Shoes

  1. The Foot Collective (Best All Rounder)
  2. Correct Toes (Best For Yoga/ Everyday)
  3. Runners Earth (Best for Running)

The Foot Collective (Best All Rounder)

Although not based in the UK, The Foot Collective do sell their toe separators (& other foot recovery products) on their website to be shipped to the UK.

What separates (nice pun) the Foot Collective from the others is their dedication to barefoot life and foot recovery. Their toe separators are specifically designed to encourage a barefoot lifestyle and support naturally strong feet. Their toe separators come with a resistance band, for strength and conditioning, as standard; but it is also possible to buy a whole kit to improve the strength and flexibility of your feet.

We are genuinely impressed by the foot collective and recommend their toe separators above the others on the list.

For more info about them and their product, find their website here:

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Correct Toes (Best for Yoga & Gentle Exercise)

While these toe sperators are not the best for hard core running or hiking, they are a great set for a more gentle form of exercise. If you're going for a slight stroll, doing some streching, yoga or just pottering around the garden, then you're going to need Correct Toes.

They are designed to be soft and durable using medical-grade silicone which is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic. So no moldy toes.

In honesty though, they are pretty expensive.

They are available in the USA, but are quite hard to find and expensive in the UK. The best place is from YogaMatters:

Correct Toes Separators.

Runners Earth (Best For Running)

Thankfully made with Silicone, which has it's anti microbial and hypoalergenic properties, these toe separators are more purpse built or barefoot running. They are some of the best we've found for that ever purpose.

They are durable, soft and fit snuggly in your shoes so not to cause any annoying blisters or irritation. They naturally allow your toes to seperate with a little more suport than the others on this list.

Earth Runners are again based in the USA, so it may take a little longer than usual to get them shipped to the UK, but they are very good.

For more infor, you can find their website here:

Toe Separators by Earth Running

Final Thoughts

This post about toe separators has been short and sweet, mainly because I don't want to be listing hundreds of different options. We are genuinely interested in these products and use them ourselves, so we wanted to actually make these the best we can find.

Hopefully, you've enjoyed the post. If you have any comment, please leave them in the section below.

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