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6 of the best tinned tomatoes you can buy in the UK

Published by Finn Hayden

Tomatoes are the base of so many dishes - from curries to pasta sauces, most people keep a few tins of chopped tomatoes in the cupboard because they're so often required in recipes.

But we'd also say that despite many dishes requiring tinned tomatoes, most people don't give much thought to the type of tinned tomatoes that they use in their recipes. We think this is probably because people assume that all chopped tomatoes are the same, but having tried a number of tinned chopped tomatoes, we can safely say that this definitely isn't the case.

We wanted to round up the best tinned tomatoes that we've tried, and which we think could elevate your dishes to another level. Let's get into it:

Cirio Toscana Polpa

The Cirio Toscana Polpa tinned tomatoes are about as authentically Italian as you can get in my opinion - all of the tomatoes in the tin are sourced from Tuscany, and they're finely chopped as is the style in Italy. This makes these tinned tomatoes ideal for pasta sauces but also for things like bruschetta. Learn more and buy them here -


Napolina is a very popular brand of tinned tomatoes, and we think that popularity is well-deserved. These have quite a chunky texture which is ideal for stews and also pasta sauces that you want to have a lot of texture. Most of the other Italian tinned tomatoes we've included in this guide are finely chopped, so it's nice to have a chunkier option if you're making something like a stew or a chili. Learn more and buy them here -
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Mutti Polpa

All of the tomatoes in a tin of Mutti Polpa are packed within hours of being harvested, and I think that really comes through in the taste of these tinned tomatoes. As soon as I opened the tin I noticed that the tomatoes were chopped really fine and had a thick and red look, which was a pleasant surprise. Mutti only uses certified Italian tomatoes, so if you were to use these tinned tomatoes for an Italian dish then it would be a very authentic dish. Learn more and buy them here -

Mutti Polpa Baby Roma

If you're making a sauce that's quite sweet then the Mutti Polpa Baby Roma tinned tomatoes are a great option to try - these are Datterini tomatoes, which literally means 'little date' in Italian. This is supposed to reflect the shape of these tomatoes, which are small and oval like dates, but also the sweetness. It's quite hard to find these tinned tomatoes in supermarkets but we managed to buy a tin from our local Waitrose. Learn more and buy them here -

Mr Organic

Mr Organic is a brand which has popped up in our guides a few times previously, as we really liked the great vegan pesto from this brand. And as with the pesto from the brand (and as the brand name suggests), the Mr Organic tinned tomatoes are 100% organic, and I found them to be really bright red and tasty. I also find it really impressive that the tins used for these tinned tomatoes are BPA free. Learn more and buy them here -

Waitrose Duchy Organic

We frequently include Waitrose own-brand products in our guides, and I have to say that the own-brand tinned tomatoes from Waitrose were by far the best we tried from any supermarket. Each tin contains only 100% organic tomatoes, and all of the tomatoes are sourced from Italy. I found these tinned tomatoes to have a nice sweet taste without being overly sweet. Learn more and buy them here -
We hope this guide helps you to find some excellent tinned tomatoes to use for your next recipe! Let us know if you've tried any of these. If you want to read something similar we have a guide to the best tomato ketchup we've tried.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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