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5 supermarket pizzas that taste as good as a takeaway pizza

Published by Finn Hayden

As life gets more expensive, many of us are ditching our weekly takeaway pizza for something from the supermarket. This might sound like a big downgrade, but we're lucky that here in the UK there are some truly excellent pizza options at our supermarkets. There are even some pizzas that, dare we say it, are better than ordering from a takeaway. We wanted to highlight the 5 best supermarket pizza ranges you can buy from in the UK, let's get into the list:

Co-op Irresistible pizza

As a supermarket, the Co-op isn't quite as big as the likes of Tesco or Asda, and their stores tend to be much smaller. However, they punch well above their weight when it comes to their food range, especially their pizzas. The Co-op was actually named as the UK’s number one ‘Convenience Store Pizza Retailer’ of the year in 2014, and for years it has been a go-to when it comes to not just great pizza, but also interesting supermarket pizza.

Co-op irresistible pizzas

Yes, their Margherita is great, but they've also got really interesting topping combinations like Coppa Ham, Gorgonzola, and Fig Chutney. We're always really impressed with the Co-op and if we had to buy pizza from one UK supermarket, it would be here.

Believe it or not, you can do you're full shopping here online - or just the pizza itself here. It's so much easier than fighting for a parking space and for a trolly!

Lidl Deluxe

Lidl is well known for being a cheaper supermarket, but their Deluxe range of pizzas ooze quality and can very easily stand alongside the pizza ranges from the other supermarkets. As well as tasting great, these pizzas are the cheapest in this list at just £3.99 each. The pizzas are sourdough and hand-stretched, and the chargrilled Vegetable and Basil Pesto pizza (pictured) is particularly impressive. View the range here -


Tesco Finest wood-fired pizzas

The standard range of pizzas from Tesco is very average, but we definitely think the Tesco Finest range of pizzas is amongst the best you'll find from any UK supermarket. The pizzas are hand-stretched and wood-fired, and we love the little touches like a drizzle of basil pesto on the Mozzarella pizza. You'll typically pay less than £5 for one of these pizzas, which is very reasonable. View the entire range here -


Marks & Spencer

You might have noticed so far that every supermarket pizza range we've included in our guide so far is from the slightly more expensive range from the supermarket - we've included 'Irresistible' pizza from the Co-op, 'Deluxe' from Lidl, and 'Tesco Finest' from Tesco. M&S is the only UK supermarket which we think has a really excellent standard range of pizzas. Not only are the standard pizzas from Marks & Spencer really good, but you can also take advantage of the excellent £12 '2 pizzas + 2 sides' deal when you shop there. 2 great pizzas and 2 sides for £12 is excellent value. View the entire range here -


No1 Waitrose wood-fired pizzas

If sourdough pizza is your thing, Waitrose is an excellent supermarket to head to. Not only is the choice extremely good with lots of meat and vegetarian options, but we also really enjoy the taste of all of the pizzas from this range that we tried. You'll pay a bit more than you would at other supermarkets for this pizza, with prices at around £7 per pizza. But like we say, if sourdough pizza is what you're looking for then it's definitely worth heading to Waitrose. Explore the full range here -

No1 Waitrose

Final thoughts

It's not hard to find great supermarket pizzas here in the UK, but we think the offerings we've mentioned in this article are the best of the best. Let us know your favourite supermarket pizza in the comments!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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