Best Supermarket Coffee Beans We’ve Found in the UK

Supermarket Coffee is not always thought of as a good pick for a speciality item, like Coffee beans. You'll be glad to know, that even if you love extremely high-quality coffee beans, there are a few supermarket options that are surprisingly fantastic.

We have already written about the best coffee beans we've found in the UK, but many of the inclusions are fairly expensive and need to be purchased online. So, if you're in your local, here are the best supermarket coffee beans that we've found.

So, lets get into it


Variety: Arabica

Origin: Brazil

Literally called 'The Best' Coffee Beans, Morrisons stocks one of the finest supermarket coffee options in the UK. The supermarket has been bringing great value and happiness since 1899.

The coffee a beautifully smooth, and has a punchy rich, earthy nuttiness with a lovely sweetness. It isn't quite caramel but it is certainly like candied almonds.

The coffee is particularly enjoyable compared to other supermarket coffee beans, and I would recommend this absolutely. You can pick up 227g for £3.50.

You can find the coffee in store or you can purchase it only via Amazon UK.


Lidl Bellarom Italian Blend

Variety: Arabica

Origin: Latin America

Of all the supermarkets in the UK, you'd never expect Lidl to rank so highly. You may know Lidl as a budget supermarket but the company sell products that rival even the poshest retailers.

There is a wide selection of coffee beans from Lidl but the best value is Bellarom Italian coffee blend.

For £1.49 you can enjoy 200g of the Italian coffee blend. It is strong and punchy, yet creamy, sweet and delicate. It makes this coffee the best value of all of the brands we have tried.

Of all the beans we tried in supermarkets, this is one that we keep stocking back up in the office.

Check out the product online or head into you local Lidl store for a closer look at these delicious coffee beans.


Tesco House Blend

Variety: 100% Arabica

Origin: Unknown

Even after all these years, Tesco is still the biggest supermarket in the country. They stock lots of amazing branded Coffee, but today's post is about the best supermarket Coffee beans.

The home-branded coffee in Tescos is perfectly fine. It isn't by any stretch the best or the worst. For £2.80 you can pick up 227g of coffee beans.

The flavour is rich, earthy and nutty which you expect from Arabica beans, but there is little nuance to the flavour. Tescos do not advertise the origin of the beans which suggests that the home blend may contain arabica beans from across the world when they are available to the chain.

If you're in your local Tescos, check the beans in store. Have a nice sniff!

Tesco coffee beans

Sainsbury's Fair Trade House Blend

Variety: 100% Arabica

Origin: Colombia/ Latin America / Vietnam/ Asia

Sainsbury's offers a fair trade house blended coffee bean which is derived from multiple sources. The 100% arabica coffee is sourced globally with (what is claimed to be - not compared to some of the single origin coffee's we have tested) ethical and sustainable sources. The beans are then blended and roasted in the UK.

The coffee to taste is smooth, nutty, rich and earthy but, like other coffees from the supermarket home blends, lacks the nuance of single-origin beans.

The beans are priced at £2.80 for 227g which is a more than reasonable price for what you'll be enjoying.

If you'd like to upgrade your casual cup of coffee, then this is one of the best supermarket coffee beans to buy.


Aldi Alcafe House Blend

Variety: 100% Arabica

The Alcafe House blend by Aldi is one of the best supermarket coffee beans - no doubt. They are value for money and the coffee is as good (if not better) than other leading supermarket brands.

Aldi's House blend is produced with 100% arabica coffee beans and is seemingly dark-roasted. They have that lovely, punchy, nutty flavour that is classic to darkened Arabica.

There is no advertised origin for the coffee which seems to suggest that the coffee is sourced globally and that the coffee will change every time. But for £1.99 per 227g, I'd say that isn't a problem at all.

If you have an Aldi close by, stop into the shop and check them out.


M&S French Style

Variety: 100% Arabica Coffee

Origin: Latin America & Brazil

The French-style coffee beans from M&S are superb. The supermarket does strive to cater for customers who enjoy the finer things in their everyday lives.
The flavour of the beans is powerful. It has a rich, dark chocolate body with an intense roasted aftertaste. The beans are dark roasted which means they contain slightly less caffeine but have a more toasted, deep and rich flavour.
If you like strong coffee, then the M&S french style is the bomb.
The coffee is a blended 100% arabica bean which are sourced from Latin America, where the coffee is rich and chocolatey.
You can pick up a 227g bag for £3.10 online and instore. There are a number of other varieties of M&S home brand coffee beans which are also just as good as this one.

Lidl Colombian Suprimo

Variety: Arabica

Origin: Colombia

Lidl is smashing it with their speciality coffee. The Colombian Supremo is Suprimo. It is delicious, cost-effective and also rainforest alliance approved.

The flavour is nutty, very full-bodied, a little peppery and has a great smooth finish. Exactly what it says on the bag.

This coffee punches above its weight and I regard it among the very best Coffee beans you can buy at a supermarket.

Check it out at you local Lidl.




  • Hamdhan

    Whilst I haven’t tried all the stuff in this post, I have tried both the Lidl beans spoken about here.

    I agree that the Columbian Suprimo beans are passable for the price. I could drink a cup of it and carry on with my day.

    However, the Lidl Bellarom Italian blend is horrid. I cannot vouch for having it sit in this list, as it is a horrendous, burnt and putrid bag of beans.

  • Al

    Helpful – thanks. The other detail I think these reviews would be helped by is how coarse/finely ground works best for the particular coffee.

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