Best SUP boards you can buy for under £200 – 4 great paddle boards that are ideal for beginners & people on a tight budget

Published by Finn Hayden

We've recently published guides about why buying a cheap paddle board actually isn't a bad idea, and we've also published a guide about the best paddle boards you can buy under £500.

But if even £500 seems like a bit too much to you, then we've got good news - you can buy a good paddle board for even cheaper than that. Don't get us wrong, a paddle board at this price probably won't be as good as a paddle board which is closer to £500 in price. But if you're looking for a paddle board which is perfectly suitable for some light cruising and for beginners, then you can definitely find a SUP for under £200 which will do the job.

We wanted to round up the best paddle boards that you can buy for under £200, let's take a look:

Waikiki Inflatable SUP

The Waikiki Inflatable SUP can be picked up for just under £200, and we definitely think it's one of the best paddle boards that you can buy at this price point. It's a 10ft board, making it great for cruising and for beginners. But it's also quite a nimble board and we found that you could get some good speed on this board. Another thing which makes this paddle board perfect for beginners is the great grip on the top of the board, which is comfortable to stand on and really helps with balancing on the board. The official weight capacity of this board is 100kg, but you might notice the board becoming quite unstable if you're pushing this weight capacity, so we'd recommend a maximum weight of around 90kg. This paddle board also has 3 fins on the bottom, 2 of which are fixed but 1 which is removable. Impressively, for less than £200 you not only get the board but you also get the paddle (which is adjustable), a manual pump, and a really cool bag to store everything in. Learn more and buy it here -

Waikiki paddle board


What really caught our attention about the Triclicks inflatable paddle board is the rating that this board has on Amazon - it's currently sitting with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 from more than 500 reviews, which is seriously impressive. And we were also very impressed with the price of this board, as it only costs £150, and the price includes all the equipment that you'd expect (paddle, pump, fins, and bag). This paddle board is definitely quite bulky, at 10ft long, and weighing about 10kg when fully inflated. This actually makes it great for beginners, as the board is sturdy when on the water. Another great thing about this paddle board is that the paddle it comes with actually floats when you drop it in the water, which is really useful if you're a newcomer to paddleboarding. Learn more and buy it here -



The FunWater paddle boards can be bought for just under £200 - we say "boards" plural because one of the great things about FunWater is that you can buy the paddle boards from this brand in a number of colours, from pink to black. This is great for younger riders who might want a more colourful and stylish paddle board. The other thing which makes this paddle board better-suited to younger riders is that it's very light. The board only weighs 8kg when fully inflated, which is much lighter than most other paddle boards on the market. This is good for lighter riders who might struggle to control a heavier board, but for heavier riders, this will probably be too light. The good news for lighter riders is that this board is very fast and nimble. Your £199.95 will get you the paddle board plus the equipment like the pump and bag, learn more and buy it here -


Yofifree SUP

The Yofifree SUP board is another which is just under £200 in price, but really impressed us. The main thing to be aware of is that this board is the lightest in this list at less than 8kg. Again, this makes it ideal for lighter riders, and it also makes it a very fast board. If you're a heavier rider then you could simply pump the board up a bit more (around 15 PSI) for a bit more stability. The board is 10 and a half feet in length, which is actually quite long for such a cheap paddle board. Overall, this is a solid choice for riders under 90kg, and if you're looking for a really light paddle board then this is ideal. Learn more and buy it here -


We hope this guide helps you to find an excellent paddle board under £200 in price. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other recommendations for us! If you want to read something similar, read our guide about the best life jackets you can buy for paddleboarding.

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