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7 of the best sugar free biscuits you can buy

Published by Finn Hayden

We hate to break it to you, but most of the biscuits you buy are deceptively full of sugar. Even the plainer options such as Rich Tea biscuits contain 1.5g of sugar each.

We've written about healthy biscuits before, but even some of those biscuits contained quite a bit of sugar. Luckily, there are some sugar free biscuits out there that you can buy, and although not all of them taste very nice, some of them actually taste quite good. We wanted to round up the best sugar free biscuits that you can buy in the UK, let's get into it:

Siro Sugar Free Choc Chip Cookies

It was actually really quite hard to find these cookies from Siro, but we managed to nab a packet from our local Sainsbury's. They also had the vanilla wafers from Siro, which we're not as fond of but which we still think are good. The chocolate chip cookies are probably the best sugar free biscuits that we've tried - everything from the taste to the texture is lovely. They're also high in fibre, and you can also grab a big pack (pictured) for about £1.50. Buy them from Sainsbury's here or from Amazon here -

Siro Chocolate chip cookies sugar free

gullón sugar free choc chip cookies

Unless you're willing to go to some specialist shops or buy online, it can actually be quite hard to find sugar free biscuits, even at some of the larger supermarkets. Morrisons was the only supermarket we found with a sugar free biscuit option in the biscuit aisle, and it was actually a really good option too. These choc chip cookies from gullón contain no sugar but still have a sweetness that we really enjoyed. You can buy them from Morrisons or you can buy them online here -

Sugar Free Zero Cho chip cookies

Diablo extra dark cocoa cookies

The Diablo brand is well known for producing a great range of sugar free products, including sweets that we rated very highly. But the brand is probably best known for making sugar free biscuits such as these extra dark cocoa cookies. Filled with vanilla cream, they have a really moreish taste and it's hard to believe that there's no sugar in them. We found these in our local Holland and Barrett, and you can buy them on the Holland and Barratt website here, or you can find them on Amazon here -

Diablo cookies

gullón sugar free digestive biscuits

If you're a fan of simple digestive biscuits, then these sugar free digestive biscuits from gullón are ideal for you. Not only are they totally free from sugar, but they're also vegan, high in fibre, and made with high oleic sunflower oil. The texture is very similar to the digestive biscuits from McVities, making them ideal for dunking into a cup of tea if that's how you like to enjoy these biscuits. We found them stocked in our local Tesco, but you can also buy them from B&M. Learn more and buy them here -

Gullon sugar free

Diablo cream filled

Among the other sugar free biscuits that we really enjoyed from Diablo were these milk chocolate cream filled wafers, which reminded us quite a bit of a Kit-Kat. Each biscuit has just a very thin layer of chocolate on it, and the wafer has a very satisfying crunch. Once again, we had a hard time believing that these biscuits don't contain sugar, but they really don't. This is a highly rated product among other customers too, with a 4.5 star rating on the Holland and Barrett website. You can learn more and buy them from Holland and Barrett here  -

Diablo no added sugar

Gullón sugar free wafers

If you enjoyed the wafers from Diablo, then we highly recommend you give these vanilla wafers from Gullón a shot too. They don't have the chocolate coating that the Diablo biscuits have, but the vanilla flavour is really nice and they still have a great texture too. We were really impressed by them, plus they're high in fibre and vegan too. Buy these biscuits here -

gullón wafers

Diablo no added sugar chocolate chips & cranberry cookies

Of all the sugar free biscuits we tried from the Diablo brand, these chocolate chip and cranberry cookies were by far the best. The texture was great, and although the chocolate was plain and didn't give much sweetness, the cranberries did. These were really tasty and we could barely tell that they didn't contain any sugar. Learn more and buy them here -

Diablo cookies sugar free

Hopefully, this guide helps you to find some great-tasting sugar free biscuits. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other recommendations for us!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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