4 fun sudoku apps that’ll challenge & entertain you

Published by Finn Hayden

If you're wanting to keep your brain active, playing a challenging game is a great way to do just that. And with smartphones, it's now easier and more convenient to play games like this than ever.
An example of a great challenging game like this is Sudoku. This puzzle game combines numbers and logic, and it's the perfect combination of being easy to understand, but tough to master. It's a very simple game too, but you could play it for hours.

There are lots of sudoku apps out there which you can download, so we thought it would be useful to round up the best you can download and play. Let's get into it:

Sudoku by Guru Smart

As far as a free sudoku app goes, we were really impressed with the Sudoku app from Guru Smart. Once you've downloaded the app, you can get started playing immediately on a grid which is 3x3 and contains a total of 81 boxes. The game is quite customisable as you can change the backgrounds for free, plus if you get a great score then there is an option to share your score on social media. If you make 3 mistakes then it's game over and you'll have to restart, unless you're willing to sit through a video advert which lasts for around 30 seconds. This was a little bit annoying, but considering the adverts you see as your playing are so minimal, it seems like a fair swap for a game which is mostly ad-free. There is a premium version which costs £20 per month which seems quite pricey to us, but the version with ads is fine so we're not sure premium is worth getting. Learn more and download the app from the Google Play Store here and the Apple app store here.
Guru Smart sudoku app by Easybrain

With a 4.4 out of 5 rating from almost 2 million reviews on the Google Play Store, this sudoku app is clearly popular. This app from Easybrain is great for both new players and more advanced sudoku players, and we'd say it's an app which is definitely worth buying. The games all give you useful helps which are great for new players, but don't give away too much and still keep the game challenging. If you're a confident player and you don't feel like you need these hints then you can simply ignore them, which is quite useful. Before you start a sudoku game using this app, there is a quick 10 second advert which is shown. And as with the sudoku app from Guru Smart, if you make 3 mistakes and you want to keep going then you'll need to watch a short advert before you can continue. If you want to remove the ads then premium costs a one-time payment of £4.99, which seems really reasonable to us given how good the app is. We also loved that this sudoku app is suitable for both beginners and really advanced players - the difficulty settings start at Easy and go all the way up to Evil. We also love that instead of having to pay to unlock these harder settings, all you have to do is complete levels at the lower difficulties. Learn more and download it from the Google Play Store here and the App Store here. app

Pure Sudoku

Pure Sudoku probably has the least intrusive free version of any sudoku app that we tried for this guide - there are adverts here and there within the app, but no video adverts. You can also make as many mistakes as you like while you're using this app and you won't have to sit through any adverts or restart any games, which makes this app excellent for new sudoku players. Another amazing thing about this sudoku app is that it costs just £1.99 for premium, and that's a one-off payment too. The ads aren't too intrusive, but to be honest the premium version of this app is so cheap that if you're a regular sudoku player and you're going to be using this app a lot, you might as well pay for premium. We're very impressed with this sudoku app, and think that for beginners it is absolutely ideal. Learn more and download it from Google Play Store here and the App Store here.

Pure Sudoku app

Sudoku by Mind The Frog

With a 4.7 out of 5 rating from almost 9k reviews on the App Store, it's clear that this sudoku app from Mind The Frog has a lot of fans. And having used this app, we understand why people are loving it - it's easy to get started with and we were very surprised to find that the app had no limits, regardless of how many mistakes we made. This app is perfect for advanced players it has the hardest difficulty setting that we could find, which is called 'Diabolical'. It's also just £1.99 for the premium version of this app which will remove all of the ads, but to be honest we found the ads to be very reasonable and not annoying at all. Learn more and download it from the App Store here.

Sudoku by Mind The Frog

We hope this guide helps you to find a great sudoku app to help you keep your mind active and play this challenging and fun game on the go. Let us know if you've downloaded any of these apps or if you have any other suggestions for us to try!

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