Best spiritual board games (Our favourites)

Playing board games definitely isn't just for kids - if you're looking for a fun, challenging and spiritual activity, then look no further than the board games we've included in this list. By "spiritual", we're not talking about a Ouija board and we're not necessarily talking about religious board games either. What we mean is that we think these board games will help you to reconnect with yourself and with the people you play with? Sound good? Let's get into the list:



The Spiritual Path

Go (AKA Weiqi) - best for a Buddhist board game

This abstract strategy game requires 2 players and is quite simple to play, but has a deep complexity that has helped the game to remain timeless. In fact, Go is often considered to be the oldest board game that has been continuously played to the present day, as it was invented in China more than 2500 years ago. We would describe Go as a spiritual board game because it has been played for so long and was identified by Buddhists as a useful tool for Buddhist practice, plus it was generally Buddhist monks that were best at the game. To be good at the game you need to overcome your instincts for fear, greed, and anger, which obviously aligns with Buddhist values. You can buy Go from Amazon here -

Go or Weiqi board game

The Transformation Board Game - best for a transformative experience

If you want your board game experience to be truly transformative, then give the Transformation Board Game a shot. But be warned, playing this game will require you to be somewhat vulnerable. The game starts with the player stating an intention of something they want more of in life, and as you move around the board and land on squares you'll find that you're confronted with insights about your intention.

It should be said that the game does require a bit of knowledge to play, including a good knowledge of what intention to set. You can contact accredited experts like Ann Ranson via Zoom to learn more about how to get the most out of the game. You can also buy a board via her website here -


The Spiritual Path - best for spiritual ascension

The Spiritual Path is quite unique and quite advanced in that in order to play the game properly, players will need some knowledge of esoteric concepts such as Initiation and Soul-Assessments. It is a dice rolling game and players will choose cards and make moves based on the roll of the dice. If you're looking for a board game that combines elements of religion and spirituality, look no further than this game!

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