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7 high quality sparkling waters we love

Published by Finn Hayden

Sparkling water is definitely one of the most underrated drinks you can have - you can enjoy all of the flavour and fizzy satisfaction you get from a soda drink, just without any of the sugar or other rubbish which is so often included in those drinks. But we feel that despite how great sparkling water is, people often overlook it as a drink to pair with a meal or just to enjoy throughout the day.

That's why we thought it would be useful to round up the best sparkling water you can buy in the UK, as we're spoilt for choice in our country when it comes to great-tasting drinks in this category. Let's get into it:

San Pellegrino

When you think of sparkling water brands in the UK, we wouldn't be surprised if San Pellegrino is one of the first names that pop into your mind. We find it fascinating how this brand has managed to establish itself as a sparkling water which you can enjoy both at a fancy restaurant and as part of a lunch meal deal. In terms of the water itself, there is no denying that it is worth the popularity it has - sourced from the Italian Alps, the water comes from a natural spring in the San Pellegrino Terme area.


The gentle sparkling taste makes this water very popular among chefs, who find that San Pellegrino pairs very well with most foods. Learn more and buy this product here -

Evian sparkling

In terms of what we believe to be the closest competitor to San Pellegrino, we'd have to say that Evian sparkling water is absolutely up there. We've already raved about Evian in our mineral water guide, and we feel that the sparkling Evian drink has everything that we love about their standard water, just with added bubbles. The taste was very clean and pure, plus it might just be us but we think that sparkling water tastes best from a can. Learn more and buy this product here -

Evian sparkling

Waitrose No.1 Royal Deeside

Let's face it, sparkling water is quite a fancy drink, so we weren't too shocked to see Waitrose with an extensive selection. But of all the brands they stock, we actually found the Waitrose own-brand No.1 Royal Deeside sparkling water to be the best of the lot. Sourced from the Cairngorms National Park up in Scotland, this sparkling water has a refreshing and light taste which goes perfectly with a meal. We also really like that it comes in a glass bottle. Learn more and buy it here -

Waitrose spring water

Highland Spring Sparkling

Highland Spring is another brand that we included in our list of the best mineral water you can buy, and we feel very similarly about the sparkling water produced by this brand. Just like the still water produced by this brand, Highland Spring Sparkling Water is sourced from the Ochil Hills in Scotland. Interestingly, Highland Spring actually recommends using this sparking water as a sugar-free mixer too, which is a great idea. Learn more and buy it here -

Highland Spring sparkling water

Co-op natural mineral water sparkling

In terms of the UK supermarkets, the Co-op seems to punch well above its weight when it comes to food and drink. We've previously raved about their pizzas, but the sparkling water produced by this supermarket is also an excellent quality product. Sourced from Wales, it's a smooth-tasting sparkling water which, at 5.7p per 100ml, won't break the bank. Learn more and buy it here -

Co-op sparkling spring water

VOSS sparkling

Before we tried the VOSS water, we always rolled our eyes a little bit whenever we saw one of these bottles on the supermarket shelves. It's such a strange-looking bottle and we thought it was really overpriced too. While there is no denying that it is expensive for water, the VOSS water definitely is really good, and the sparkling water produced by this brand is excellent too. The team at VOSS claims that the reason their sparkling water taste so good is because it's low in minerals, so it has a very smooth, clean taste, and the bubbles are very subtle. Learn more here -

Voss sparkling

Feel Good

This last entry in our list is a bit of a curveball, because this is actually flavoured sparkling water. But to be honest, we love it so much that we thought we'd include it. The sparkling water from Feel Good is flavoured naturally with 100% real fruit (we tried the Peach & Passionfruit flavour, pictured) and made from British water which has been gently carbonated. On top of this, the drink contains no added sugar or sweeteners, and contains just 27 calories per can. If normal sparkling water is a bit too bland for you, give Feel Good a try. Learn more and buy it here -

Feel Good sparkling water

Hopefully the above list shows you that we have plenty of brilliant sparkling water brands here in the UK! Let us know if we've missed any and if you'd like us to include any others!

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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