Best Spanish Restaurants in london

The London bubble is by far the most exciting place to eat in the UK. Not only is the city huge but it is one of the most culturally diverse places to visit; meaning that there is plenty of options. Today, I will follow up a little review we did for Edinburgh with this post to explore the best Spanish restaurants in London.

I adore Spanish food and I have been really excited to do and try what London has to offer. So lets get into it!

Best All-Rounder - Sabor on Heddon Street

While we could review the highest of the high class that London has to offer, we decided to go middle of the road - exceptional food that is a fantastic value for money.

Situated in the heart of the city, Sabor is a beautiful Tapas bar and Spanish restaurant that is suited to both casual and formal dining occasions.

The food is incredible and varies from zesty fresh seafood to hearty homey Spanish bean and chorizo stew. The inside of the restaurant is a stand-out feature. The whole place is authentic and exceptional from end to end.

Just go.

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The Most Interesting - Lobos, Frith Street

The most interesting inclusion in the list of our favourite Spanish restaurants in London is Lobo, which can be found on frith street.

The whole vibe is meat and tapas, which are two of my favourite things. The food here is insanely good and, unlike many Spanish restaurants, the Tapas is not stingey.

Lobos feels like a homely Spanish restaurant with the sophistication and sense of occasion that is delivered by a high-end steak place.

Just imagine the best pork you've ever eaten. If you like octopuses, you'll not find a better one in the whole of the city.

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The OG -Brindisa, London Bridge/ Borough Market

Situated just on the corner of the Borough Market, on London Bridge is the most classic London Spanish restaurant you'll find; Brindisa. This is the 'original' place to grab lunch as good as you'll find in Barcelona, the finest Jamon Iberico and light imported beers.

We have not been here for dinner, only for lunch. I have had some amazing Jamon sandwiches in the may day, and I can say that Brindisa is right up there.

The bread was slightly crunchy, with a tangy tomato and olive-oil spread and deliciously chewy and intense Jamon. The Coffee wasn't bad either!

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The Best Cocktails-Barrica, Goodge Street

Traditionally, Tapas is drinking food. You enjoy some drinks and every so often a little bite of this and a little bite of that. This is what Barrica does exceptionally well.

The atmosphere is fantastic, the staff were really friendly and the food was well above average.

While we didn't eat as much of the food from Barrica as we had in other Spanish restaurants in London, we managed a few drinks.

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Loveliest -Copita, D'Arblay St

I couldn't think of what category Copita should be the best of, so it goes down as the loveliest. It was worth inclusion because we has such a lovely time there.

What makes the restaurants stand out is the seating. While some may hate sitting closer to other guests, we loved it and really enjoyed the whole communal, jovial atmosphere this created. We had a few drinks, some Padron peppers and Jamon.

Genuinely one we will remember.


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