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7 of the best sleep teas we’ve tried for a brew before bed

Published by Finn Hayden

A lot of people roll their eyes at the idea of sleep tea, and to be honest we understand some of the skepticism - how can a cup of tea before bed help you to sleep? Well, the answer is entirely in the ingredients, because as long as the sleep tea you buy contains something like chamomile (which is proven to help you sleep), then it absolutely can help you to unwind in the evenings.

A top hack - some water soluble CBD (this is our list of the best CBD oil and best CBD gummies too) has really made a huge difference to a warming cup of tea.

There are lots of choices when it comes to sleep tea, so we wanted to round up the best that we've bought and tried. Let's get into it:

TEA+ Sleep Vitamin Tea

We love the TEA+ range from Vitabiotics, and only recently got around to trying the Sleep Vitamin Tea from the range. With 56mg of Magnesium in each bag (a mineral which appears to help sleep) as well as Chamomile and Lavender, this tea is designed to help you get to sleep but also to have a deep sleep. We certainly felt the benefits and will continue to drink it whenever we need a really good kip. Learn more and buy it here -

TEA+ Sleep Vitamin Tea

Teapigs snooze sleep tea

We're big fans of the Teapigs range of tea (we gave them a spot in our peppermint tea guide too), and we really think that other brands should use a "tea temple" rather than a tea bag like Teapigs does.

The Snooze tea from Teapigs is perfect for sipping an hour or so before you head to sleep - made with chamomile, sweet apple, and lavender, it not smells and tastes lovely, but it also helps to chill you out and get you ready for bed.

All of the ingredients used in the tea are organic, and this tea contains just 4 calories per cup. Learn more and buy it here -


Pukka Night Time tea

Pukka is one of our favourite tea brands, and something we love about this brand is the interesting ingredient combinations they use.

This Night Time tea is a great example of that - it's made using a mix of oat flower, licorice root, chamomile flower, lavender flower, and valerian root. What we love about this is that only only has the team at Pukka thought about what is going to help you to sleep (the chamomile, lavender, and valerian), but they've also thought about what is going to taste great (the licorice root and oat flower).

This tea is naturally caffeine free and made from entirely organic ingredients, learn more and buy it here -

Pukka tea night time

Clipper Sleep Easy Infusion

Similar to the sleep tea from Pukka, this tea from Clipper is not only going to help you get to sleep, but it also tastes great.

Made with cinnamon, chamomile, and valerian as well as natural orange flavouring, this tea has a lovely sweet taste and will definitely help you to drift off.

We think it's great to have a sleep tea which tastes great, because you'll actually look forward to drinking this before bed.

Learn more and buy it here -

Clipper sleep easy infusion

Tick Tock Bedtime

The Tick Tock tea brand has been around for years, and is best known as a Rooibos tea brand (it's actually the most popular Rooibos tea brand in the UK according to the Tick Tock website).

But not many people realise that this brand also makes an excellent sleep tea which actually contains Rooibos. The Bedtime tea from Tick Tock contains camomile, lavender, and lemon balm, so it's quite similar in ingredients to many of the other options we've included in this list, but the Rooibos gives it a very distinctive taste.

If you're a fan of Rooibos tea and you're looking for one to enjoy in the evening before you head to sleep, this is a perfect choice.

Learn more and buy it here -

Tick Tock Bedtime

Yogi Tea Bedtime

This is another sleep tea that we tried which really impressed us because it manages to both taste great and really help us to wind down in the evening.

Ingredients like chamomile and lavender will help you to relax, but it's the fennel, peppermint, and nutmeg which gives it a lovel, sort of sweet and spicy taste.

In fact, this might actually be the tastiest sleep tea we tried for this guide.

Learn more and buy it here -

Yogi Tea Bedtime

Twinings Superblends Sleep

The Twinings brand needs no introduction as in terms of herbal tea, this brand is probably the most popular in the UK.

We really like to drink the Superblends Sleep tea from Twinings in the evenings because of how it helps us to relax, but also because of how great it is. It's interesting to see that passionflower is actually the main ingredient in this tea, which really comes through in the taste. This tea also contains Camomile and Cardamom.

Although this tea might not be as effective at helping you to unwind as some of the other options in this list, it still tastes great and does the trick for us.

Learn more and buy it here -

Twinings Sleep

Heath & Heather Organic Night Time

The Heath & Heather Night Time tea was actually the cheapest sleep tea we found, but we were still really impressed by it.

There is a lot packed into every bag of this tea - with ingredients like camomile and valerian root, it has everything you need to unwind before bed. But the lovely flavour of this tea comes from the more interesting ingredients like spearmint and blueberry.

This is a seriously impressive sleep tea, especially given how cheap it was to buy (16p per bag).

Learn more and buy it here -

Heath & Heather night time tea

Hopefully, this guide helps you find an effective sleep tea. Let us know if you've tried any of these or if you have any other suggestions for us! If you're interested in other tea that you could drink before bed, check out our guide to the best decaf tea we've tried.

Finn is the editor of You Well and has been writing about travel, health, and more for over 10 years.

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