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Our Guide to the Best Shilajit UK (Capsules & Supplements)

One of the most effective and potent well-being products that is starting to make waves across the UK, is Shilajit. There are a whole load of different benefits associated with this sticky mineral, which is found and harvested from the surface of rocks in the Himalayas (where Cordyceps are found)

But, our mission here today is simple, with so many UK Shilajit suppliers, how do you know which to trust? Well, we have taken it upon ourselves to try and test the best Shilajit capsules and supplements across the UK to find the one we recommend the best.

So, let's get into it:


What is Shilajit & What are the benefits?

Shilajit requires centuries to build up and is developed over time through the slow decomposition of plants, and other organisms.

It’s been used in Ayurvedic medicine for potentially thousands of years and is thought to increase longevity, slow the ageing process down significantly and have a huge improvement on our overall general health. It is also said to have testosterone-boosting qualities.

The main active constituent which makes Shilajit so effective is Fulvic Acid. This compound can help reduce inflammation, protect the brain, enhance gut health, and boost levels of testosterone in the blood (which improves athletic performance and sexual health).

Shilajit is extremely beneficial and can support well-being generally.


Best Shilajit Capsules & Supplements We've Found Across the UK

  • Daemon Power
  • Life Essentials
  • Gold Seal
  • Pure Himalayan
  • Meta Superfoods
  • Nature Provides

Daemon Power

We've tried a few products from Daemon Power and we have to say that we're super impressed by the brand.

They are a sports supplement brand from the UK and support mental health charities with a donation of 20% of their profits.

Each of the capsules contains 500mgs of pure Himalayan shilahit and each bag contains 120 capsules. That means that one bag is 4 months' worth. The bag itself is just £50 so a very good value product, for something of this quality, and that gives back to mental health support in the UK. For both the body and the soul, this is worth it.

Find out more here on their website: or on

Daemon Power Shilajit

Life Essentials

One of our current favourite supplement brands is Life Essentials. They are reliable and sell their pure extracts at very reasonable prices. They are based in the North East and are honest, very knowledgeable and trustworthy sources. It is why we love them.

They sell a raw and pure extract of Shilajit for £21.95 on their website which is extremely reasonable. Each of the capsules also contains 400mgs of pure Shilajit extract with no fillers, bulking agents or any extras.

For more information about the product you can find it via their website right here: Life Essentials


Gold Seal

If you're looking for some of the best Shilajit supplements you can buy across the UK, combined with other complimentary ingredients then you're in luck. Gold Seal is where you need to go.

While we only sampled their pure Shilajit capsules, they offer capsules which also contain CBD, Ashwagandha and Lion's Mane. Alongside many others.

What we sampled were the 30g capsules which only contained a pure extract of Shailjit, without binders, fillers or any other contaminants.

You can pick up a jar for £40 via their website here:

Gold Seal Shilajit

Pure Shilajit Tincture

The Shilajit in the tincture hits all the checkpoints for being a supremely high-quality Shailjit supplement. The extract is produced using a 'sun-dried' extract which has been processed to preserve the full range of benefits. Harvested from Gilgit Baltistan, the extract is then produced in the USA and lab tested to make sure that it is safe to consume and contains exactly the right complex of minerals and healthy compounds that make Shailjit so effective.

The benefit of a tincture comes from the sublingual application of the extract, which is absorbed into your bloodstream via the sublingual glad.

For more information, and to buy this Shailjit tincture, you can find it on:

Shailjit Tincture

Meta Superfoods Sahiljit Capsules

One of the highest-rated Shailjit options from is the Meta Superfoods capsules. With over 200 reviews it is easy to see why we consider them as some of the best Shailjit capsules across the UK.

Each bag contains 120 capsules which each contain 2000mg of extract - which is huge. They are produced using lab-tested extract and encapsulated in the UK using GMP production standards.

There are no binds, fillers or any pesticides in the product, so you can be safe in the knowledge that these capsules contain exactly what they claim on the back of the packet. Plus, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

For more information, and to buy these capsules, you can find them on:

Shilajit extract

Nature Provides - Ayurvedic Shilajit with Ashwaganda

Shailjit and Ashwagandha work perfectly together because they both have complementary benefits. Each is known as an anxiolytic and also may have hormone-regulatory properties (particularly testosterone in males).

So, if you'd like to combine your daily Shailajit supplement with Ashwagandha within one supplement, then this is the one for you.

Each of the 90 capsules contains 1000mgs of Ayurvedic Shilajit and organic Ashwagandha.

For more information, and to buy these capsules, you can find them on:

Shilajit capsules

Well, now that you've come to the end of our article about the best shilajit the UK can provide, we thank you for your time and hope that you've found something worth while.

If you have any comments or would like to add a product that you highly rate, then get in touch by adding a comment below.

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